Key rewards for medals

2 old ideas that are kind of related:

Today we’re looking at an idea to make medals less useless. Well, they do give score which can be used to move into higher tier, but going above tier 50 isn’t needed.

So, how do we make them more useful? By making them reward keys. After completing (or failing) the mission, you are given your ultra standard mission complete screen which honestly isn’t as good as the CI5 one, but whatever, I already made a topic about it way before. Back to the topic. This is how it looks currently:

And this is also how it will look like with this idea, but the medals that you achieved in a mission will add keys to your “keys collected”. They should be counted in that category and not in the “final keys” because this way they can worth more if you play on higher difficulty which in my opinion sounds fair.

Achieving same medal type multiple times DOESN’T grant key reward multiple times. It’s just one time reward.

Now the values that I would suggest but they are ofc for discussion:

Easiest medals that you get a ton of in every mission should give the smallest possible number of keys
Medals that require you to play carefully should reward you with little more
Final trophies should each be worth more than the previous tier of the trophy. The last one is 6 keys. I thought about making them increase more than +1, but honestly 6 base keys is enough in my opinion.

So, as you can see in the example I would get 6 keys to the base value before multipliers. Maybe it could only be rewarded when you actually complete the mission and not fail it, but that would be frustrating to die on the last boss and not get any of that.

Earning multiple medals of same type in one mission doesn’t reward you multiple key rewards.


Should medals give key rewards?
  • Yes.
  • Yes, but… (reply)
  • Neutrolololo
  • No. (reply?)

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Personally, I think the Extreme Appetite Medal should be worth 2 or 3 keys. It tends to be quite a challenge to earn that kind of medal unless you’re quick enough or you use appetite attractors.

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Extreme unpreparedness absolutely should give more keys than gchoat imo. Other than that, don’t have any objections for this idea.


maybe the brave or stupid medal could be worth more since i doubt anyone tries to get it on purpose


Quick addition to the idea:

What about making a new “medal keys” key category below “keys collected”?

It would still work as base keys, but it would be clearly visible how many keys you collected in mission and how many keys from medals.

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I’m just thought that those medals still have some useful, especially is in Competitive mission. If you not try to collect as many medals as you can in a competitive mission, you might lose your opponent although you have Base Score and Weapon Virtuosity higher than your opponent.

That’s just my opinion, but i still like your idea.


There should be a sort of multiplier for the medal keys depending on the length of the mission and/or what mission type it is, the longer the mission the greater the multiplier.

Aren’t normal multipliers enough for that?

Removed the mission type part, yeah

This one though, as it’s easier to get end mission medals on a shorter mission than on a much longer one.

Like you can get the GCHOAL award/Campaign trophy 20x on a 5-wave mission compared to only one on a weekly mission.

This idea has merit, but I can’t help but wonder whether it will make some exploitable missions even more lucrative :thinking:


I’m sure that short missions will become the most famous after this idea gets into the game.

Like, all the medals you could get in an easiest missions all add up to 26 medal keys(after including Orandza and Emerald suggestions).
The hardest Elite mission would be worth 31 medal keys.

To be honest I don’t know how to solve this problem.

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What if when unoriginality penality is active (or simply over a certain treshold) medals give no keys anymore?

It could incentivise getting good at the game and also rewarding players who spend time (and resources) preparing lodouts


Literally from my reply above. These “key rewards for medals” will be multiplied based on the length of the mission you flown. The longer the mission, the better the multiplier will be.

10 waves: x1
20 waves: x2.25
30 waves: 3.75

Of course these values needed to be tweaked.

So if you get 20 medal key value on a 10 wave mission, that would be 20x1=20 before that adds up to the keys you got on that mission.

If you get 20 medal key value on a 20 wave mission, that would be 20x2.25=45 keys before that adds up to the keys you got on that mission.

If you happen to die/surrender on the 10th wave of a 30-wave mission, the multiplier would be x1 obviously

Then it multiplies again based on the mission multiplier.

Confusing, no?

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I thought about limiting earning of medal keys for just few missions a day, but it’s kind of not ok, since what if someone has more time to play during one day and next week has a break, it would be bad in that case since it would favor playing regularly every day more.

Hmm, this could work. I don’t know how the unoriginality penalty works, but it sounds better than just straight up limiting how many missions you can clear a day.

So unoriginality penalty is applied to different loadouts? What if someone always flies with nothing to earn the unpreparedness medal?

Why are you so set on increasing base medal keys? Like really, 31 base keys on elite mission is a solid number of them. In my opinion this is not a problem. The problem is how we can limit the shortest missions from being overused because 26 medal keys for completing 1 chapter x 5 waves (I found such a squawk block mission) missions is overpowered.

Guaranteed keys for mission length was literally discussed in a topic I linked in the first post. Wasn’t met with big approval.

see below

It doesn’t needed to be a base 1x multiplier on a 10wave mission, like .5x

Anyway, I’ll elaborate this further later on since I’m busy rn.

The more times you retry the same mission, the less points you earn since the value of the penality increases each time the mission is flown.

Unoriginality penality is a per-mission penality and changing a lodout doesn’t reset it (you have to wait 24 hours for that to happen).

Having keys from medals being disabled with unoriginality penality, would be a bigger help for players who prepare lodouts before flying a mission unprepeared.
Because extra lives, superweapons and other perishables are expensive but equipping them gives very high chances to complete a mission first try.

I think an example may be simpler for me to explain:

Imagine we have two players “Stardrone” and “Player 12345”.

Both players have the exact same skill level.

Stardrone flyes every mission with nothing equipped but Superstar Hero, while Player 12345 has a lodout always filled with extra lives, dimensional phaseouts and missiles.

Both players decide to fly “Mission”
No one have ever completed or seen it before.

Stardrone will likely lose their only life at some point and will likely retry many times “Mission” before completing it. They may get the unprepearedness and the one life medals, but (and I say that from personal experience) it’s more likely they will get them after many reties, thus losing the extra key bonus they give.

On the other hand, Player 12345 will have greatly higher odds of survival (thus, more chances to get the extra key bonus from medals) than me. And that is ok, since they spent resources to buy all that useful equipment.

What I was saying is that this change would indirectly reward playing like 12345 on the long run rather than being stingy like me.

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