Key chest locations

search 397/716…woopie a 50 wave one !


Shadylarry, this again?

We appreciate your attempt in wanting to fill our pockets with keys, it shows you’re looking out for us.
But rather than creating one-off topics like these, why not make a bigger, organized, ‘official’ topic about Key chest locations?
That way, you and anyone else that finds them could post them in an ongoing topic that wouldn’t be just a filler that takes up space in the Latest topics place.


This is the second time your Alzheimer’s on.

Do I have to remind you again that there is chatting place exist on your profile?
But seriously though, You could’ve just screenshotted the entire picture of key rush locations so that way people could find it easier rather than just searching it for themselves

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When the Alzheimer is sus :flushed:

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yes geek…

Why do you just make many topics for just 1 key rush?
You can find all of the key rushes then make a topic for all or just post it in chatting place

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