Early Access version 52

i thought that there is people have more than me , AND YOU SOLD 300K , JESUS . how many keys did u get

About 21K

you must have lost your mind XD

Would you mind moving on to chatting place?

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i already play some missions and see chat AGAIN :expressionless:

What do you mean? @kokokokos was talking about :left_speech_bubble: Chatting place.

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where is it exactly becuase i got confused right now

I’ve already linked. 🗨 Chatting place


Why the henterprise is slow in a medium mission

That varies on difficulty. Which skill do you use?

Superstar hero , i alweays use it

How much difficulty does that mission have?

43% to 67%

Well, but as i said, it varies on difficulty and the skill you use.

no i played missions near this difficulty and henterprise wasnt slow

CIU 2020-07-12 17.15.38 740.724 Nice

It should be “Henterprise Hencounter”, the Henterprise of this wave is too slow, unlike Hend Game.

Maybe he was referring to the new waves that got added in this update.

Is it really intended that difficulty modifiers can change some waves you’ll get on a mission?

Tried a few, an example:
The first wave is Anode-Cathode and when Superstar Hero is applied, it became On the Radar.

Let’s try this. If it doesn’t work, I can remove the barriers altogether

Changed in v.53 :medal_sports: Idea

Yes, because some waves only appear on certain difficulties. But I’ll see if this can be circumvented somehow.

Update: and indeed it can. Changed in v.53 :medal_sports: Idea