Early Access version 62

Are lots 9 anomyous hero highscore except @Stardrone


I have ideas Double Team Boss Rush Events

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Not going to happen

do not try to ruin the exclusivity

Chatting Place exists.

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:left_speech_bubble: Chatting place if you’re gonna speak about CI. this topic is for reporting bugs and suggesting ideas.

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Ok. 🎖 The Medal Medal - #55 by InterAction_studios

Here: 🎖 The Medal Medal - #60 by InterAction_studios

Acknowledged. Won’t fix.

As expected. Just because you “delete” your account doesn’t mean it disappears from the galaxy.

Where exactly is this “in there” you mention?

Unclear. What changed between your first and second screenshots? Also, which wormhole is this? Name or coordinates.

Fixed in v.63 :medal_sports: Bug

The Early Access banner disappears whenever a dialog appears. This is by design (to avoid the dialog overlapping the eventual ad banner).

Added to v.63 :medal_sports: Idea

Not easy to do. Pass.

No. Just hide it using the “In-game Help” checkbox (in Options → Gameplay)

It is already different:

Anyway, message colors are determined automatically (not manually), and it’s possible that two colors are very similar to each other. :man_shrugging:

No, because it’s already a “Double Team” in a sense.

No newcomer is ever going to have that problem :wink:

UCO and Crab might indeed appear more often (because it has many variations), but Party Time has the same chance as everything else. It’s probably a randomizer fluke.

There’s a problem with the message expirations. Investigating.

Hitbox is an implementation detail which has no bearing in the game lore.

Uh… that’s been there since CI1.

Not currently. But I’ve added it to the list (it won’t be a separate color, it will probably just inherit your engine’s color).

Hm… perhaps it was made with an exploit, that was later patched. In any case, I’ll clear everything older than 6 months :medal_sports: Idea


I mean when I search for adding a contact or a member to squadron CHL badge doesn’t shown but if I sent a request to that hero CHL badge will be shown
In search
In request

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New contact message looks like an mission assignment message in the color, that’s what I meant, I wanted one of them’s color to be changed.

Can it be fixed? And how long does it last now before it expires?

I think he meant when you search for contacts, CHL badge doesn’t appear in the search list.

Also I got all medals before Ironman medal got added. So if I showed all my medals you could’ve assigned the medal medal to me? Also gabytzu doesn’t have all medal now, so should he still keep the medal medal?

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Why I can scroll up and down while the top-1 is loading?

Could we have a top countries or top pilots in a country? (In profile choose your country for showing this)

I’m more questioning the fact it takes that long to load for you.
Size of top list is constant so probably another thing for the sake of simpler implementation.


Oh, negative fuel is easy to get image

  1. find a path that will use up most/all of your fuel with your best engine

  1. switch out your best engine to the starter one or anything weaker

  1. since the fuel info doesn’t get updated, you can still go on this trip

I assume this isn’t very important to fix, since it can’t be exploited and you have to buy fuel to be allowed to fly between star systems again


Because By Me Ia Says Called Cheat Engine

Don’t know if it’s been already reported, but the time since I played the mission hasn’t updated at all on the top 10 list? I rebooted the game and still didn’t update, in case it was a local thing.

If your previous score is better than your recent one, then it doesn’t get replaced

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This ^

About Not Cheat Engine
@Sammarald Is Correct

Considering I didn’t beat the mission last time, I highly doubt my score were higher. Moreover, I don’t recall seeing myself there.

Not sure, but top list may be updated at midnight so you’ll see your result tomorrow (7 hours more) if it’s high enough.