CIU version 136 BETA

You cannot log in to your account if iA has announced that the v136.1 beta server is offline.

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I Know Beta will Offline!! But…, it Doesn’t work Change Link account on me!! But how?

Hey @TalkingTom20023, if you want to talk to me again, please go to the “Chatting Place” topic, feel free to talk, don’t talk in the “CIU version 136 BETA” topic anymore. 🗨 Chatting place


Okay Orville!

Damn, I can’t never catch the beta server online. I hate timezones :slight_smile:

how is this related to this topic
Chatting Place exist

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Good, now beat me then.

Since the boss is made by metal, why i haven’t see any debris screw, nut and panel drop when the boss is blow up?



BETA server is now on-line.



Can we all agree that we all love IA?

Whoops, I still get Symmetric.

I suppose that could be done, if there is poll support for it. Still, the reason I made the tentacles collidable in Burgermeister is because they actively reach down into the ‘flight area’ and constraining your movement is part of the attack. In those other boss fights, they typically stay well out of your way.

Perhaps. The network setup is botched for the beta server, so some weirdness is expected.



Taking BETA server off-line for 10 minutes.

Back on-line now.


Well uh… I have a simple but probabaly a useless idea, How about we mirror the satellites at the left side or according to the position they are set in?


Screenshot (563)


Also if their image while released from containers is a concern, then we can probabaly add a mirror animation to them when equipped.


Thank you RainbowBoy!


Taking BETA server off-line for today.


that was support to be sarcasm ._.


v136.3 is now available

Download link has been updated in original post. Changelog here: Known bugs & new features

The BETA server is now on-line.


Can you reduce the shake when it does the slap attack? for pro-mode only

Idea for boss zoom out
Burgermeister 3000 zoom out +10%, just like the zoom out from Double Team one
1 - Boss size too big
2 - Part Vaccum chickens machine + throwing technique chickens roast + spawning chicken at down middle because maybe too narrow and make BX really hard to avoid from throwing chicken roast

Except the Flamethrower, u can avoid from fire but the middle should be hard if u equip the BX with legendary, Idk about Regular BX possible to stay inside
Indeed, I just put here for some idea and explaining a reason