New, Fresh Squadron!, with Cool Features Than Others!

Hey Guys, I made New Squadron!
If Anyone Looking for Squadron, Here a Fresh one! :slightly_smiling_face:
Squadron Name: -= Atom.Finders =- (-=A.F=-)
Squadron Slogan: We Will Start Weak with each other, We Will be strong with each other too!

About me: I’m Active Chicken Universe and Old Player, I Play This Game Before CI5 Release, I was playing this game before too CIU, but i forgot my old account password :rofl:

I made this clan because i have a nice idea, I will make discord server / website / ranks system And More Cool Features Than Other Squadrons, I think It will be very good because i tried it before in another game with my clan

We Can Put -=A.F=- in our name like, -=A.F=- Spark, Enjoy Guys and I hope you like the idea
If You Wanna Join Just Left your name here and I will add you…
My CIU Name: Just_Spark
Good Luck!


Couldn’t u just post this in :left_speech_bubble: Chatting place?


hmm i didn’t know about it xD

First, Welcome to the forum, bro I hope you enjoy with us.
Second, If you want to post something like your topic or chat you can move to Chatting place (as @Star_Light said).
And have a nice day/night, bro.


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