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This is a topic for an unofficial Chicken invaders fan-game I’m making. I’ve discussed some of the setting-up progress I made in 🗨 Chatting place and Discord, but I decided to make a topic to fit it more, and in the same time, I get the community opinions far more easily, so the game gets better than doing all of it alone.
If this topic proved to be successful, I’d make more topics for different aspect for the game development when necessary and when I’d need to hear community opinions on anything.

Right now, I almost finished setting up the game’s mechanics, and I’m ready to add new content to it and write the story.

About the game

This is going to be a pretty detailed Fan-game, a fan-episode. A whole game, not another Cocksweeper.

I don’t really have a good and complete story yet, everything is currently a placeholder (I didn’t even come up with a name or a proper icon), but what I know is:

  • The story takes place before CI4, related to Egg cannon, while the original hero is on his way to defeat the Yolk Star™, this story uses a whole new hero and good time with Hen-solo.
  • The story is choice based, and may contain more than one ending.
  • Short time travel to CIU or Episodes timelines.
  • You may fight Hen-solo at some point, and get inside Egg Cannon. Why? Haven’t decided. :)

And since it takes place around CI4 era, chickens and some stuff will use CI4 textures, instead of the latest ones.

It’s also planned to use CIU’s new wave music, having in mind that Picardy bird will be its ‘victory theme’, it gives good victory theme vibes. And now, if someone would be kind to mix CIU main theme & ambient theme with CI4 main theme together in one track very well.

Waves and boss waves will be either brand new or giving life to many wave ideas on this forum, at first I realized making waves would require a lot of effort, until I made myself a good tool that lets me draw the wave, give me ability to choose how chickens appear, and write all the code for me, while still missing many features, It gives me some good help at debugging and testing things.
And I might even release that too, since you guys really want wave maker stuff.

Same for weapons, in fact, I took the liberty of making one of the ancient wave idea come to life. The egg launcher, as it serves a double agent weapon, so I can hurt chickens, and test losing.

This is how the game looks right now:

The survey:

So, for the first request to the forum:
I’ve got some seamless* backgrounds from Seamless Space Backgrounds | and found some good fitting backgrounds, and picked a few that’ll fit the game most, but currently, I’m only using one as a placeholder, I still need an opinion for them. Here are the backgrounds:


1 (Current)





Which space background look best?
  • 1 (Keep current one)
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Other (must be seamless, select this if you prefer another background not listed here and you’d post it.)

0 voters

* In a nutshell, seamless means that I can easily scroll the space background, and it’s perfectly looped.

Help complete this game.

Finishing this game will be a lot easier by having you helping. If you can make some sweet CI-like 3D models, can edit music very well or willing to play-test the game, I made a Discord server that’d make all this an easier job.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.


woohoo! i love fangames


This sounds like a crazy big project (this is a compliment)

Now I wouldn’t say cocksweeper is a bad game, it’s a fangame, meant for the lols and entertainment; but it sure is refreshing to see a story-driven take on a fan-game; Especially one of such ambitions.

The one thing that I’m afraid of is that this might become the next Undertale Yellow; a game that will be in the making for years to come before being listed as a full-fledged game.

Nonethenless, I congratulate you on the effort thus far, and even if you drop interest and/or development to continue this, I still congratulate you for putting it together as is; You made a detailed post and even went as far as to tweak with the game.

I wish you success and keep keeping on!

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If I ever dropped this, I’d only drop the story, and may work on a whole new story instead. Now that I have a good remade of Chicken Invaders mechanics, this can be a good template to start any new fan projects out of. And hopefully, this might not take long, all I need to do is finish my Wavemaker, and everything will be smooth.

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Perfect. I wanted a second dark background. And this looks just perfect!

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Ironically, I ended up choosing the highest voted background and the only background no one chose (but better).


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