CIU version 136 BETA

for changing, tweaking, modifying, and more.
Beta server aren’t meant for being always active, what do you expect?

What did he say that was wrong?


well the new boss is some kind of meme

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And judging by the signs, you’re acting like a kid


It looks like a master chef’s but it’s rarely.

talk about that in Chatting Place not here

Do you think I should install the beta version? I don’t think it matters. I am waiting for the full update.

Actually, it’s up to you if you want to install beta version or not. But if you want to see the new stuff in the game early, I’d say go ahead and install the beta version.

but IA say the beta version server is offline

And it would be better if you ignored him, Someone with manners like that is a waste of time for you to interact with.


Wait for the beta server to become online again then. Or if you don’t want to play beta version, then just wait for the full update.

ok i wait for full update.

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@InterAction_studios !
Should we suppose to increase the zoom out +10%
I sent that some reason explaining

Discuss about that in chatting place topic. Off-topic & inappropriate flagged.


ok just stay mad about it, kid.


That’s a bummer.

you definitely are judging by that behaviour

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Those posts aren’t supposed to be here, because it’s both inappropriate and off-topic
Anyway, welcome!

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@TalkingTom20023 I don’t know what I could do with you, but please, stop doing that. Think before you act.


Stop making off-topic posts, you’re flooding this topic with nonsense argument. Send him a direct message or post it in Chatting Place. Off-topic flagged again

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