Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!


Have you seen joe bro? Have you seen him?


Joe Mama

No im talking about the president


He’s unpopular

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Guys thats off topic you can chat here:🗨 Chatting place

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If you focus more on there you can see a pen in your hand
So “Get lost!!!” Is not your scream, it’s what you wrote there

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You don’t now, but you were confused about the relationship between me and darth, didn’t you?

When you didn’t exist here orandza had another pfp that was very very VERY similar to what i draw

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Lmao joe

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No offense but the pfp sound like a clumsy orange trying to not care about what’s happening XD.

Sound? Man, I can’t even hear my sight.

Ah yes, totally. Always has been.


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You don’t get my statement or…?

Unfrotunately I do get it.




Yeah, I’m a bit annoyed when people comment this kind of stuff regarding my pfp, especially when the pfp doesn’t actually even closely represent that. It’s meant to be a peaceful smile, perhaps even a slightly sad one.


I guess sorry for mistaking then, the look of the pfp felt like clumsy or depressing. Looks can be deceiving in better means.

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We are very happy to show you a sneak peek of a brand new menu screen for Chicken invaders EA-Universe!
Feel free to express your excitement with us! Many new features and expansions are planned for the franchise! So stay tuned for more news!

(We’re sorry for typos in the picture, certain people in our headquarters don’t speak eng.)