Expect what?

oh you’re saying the topic, not catagory.


only thing you can say was this without telling any other stuff and explaining them like explaining it to a baby.

That’s not the point, Chatting Place fucking exists for these minor questions, you don’t need to create a thread everytime you need to say something, or go plague the Chicken Invaders Discord server. Keep the forums neat.


:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:to you. i’ve never went though the chatting place, because every chatting place i have seen so far has a lot of cringe people with cringe talks. i didnt checked it.

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chats get deleted every few days so you will most likely not see cringe shit very often

You’re ignoring the second part of the description, that being “related to early access, beta, unofficial releases etc.Anything does not automatically mean everything related to the game goes, and

This thread exists. By all rules of forum ettiquette, when a thread exists to discuss a topic, there’s no need to create any more threads discussing the same topic.

Then you’ll fit right in.


would you mind see the chatting place for once
the replies will be deleted every 3 days
so you won’t be seeing cringe things very often

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Hi, it seems you’re new to the forums, so welcome! Please read the FAQ topic that has been pinned on the main page, along with the ToS. It’s a long read, but reading the rules is necessary.

All messages older than 3 days there are automatically deleted, so any past “cringe” talks won’t exist there. The reason people are recommending the CP topic is to filter out smaller posts like this one, which are a simple non-technical question such as how things work in the game, or just discussing about the game so there’s room for iA (aka the dev) to read posts about bug reports or other important issues. We still have other categories:

Early Access is for things related to bug reports, technical issues, etc. It’s about the overall discussion of game elements.
Ideas is for- well, ideas. They can be ideas about new content, etc. Try to keep posts here detailed, it helps a lot.
Site Feedback is for reports or feedback about the Forums itself. Think of it as Early Access but for the website.
Chicken Invaders is for things that are related to the CI series as a whole, and exists mainly for fun or bug reports about the past CI games.

Sorry if this post is confusing, I’m bad at explaining things. I recommend that you read the FAQ+ToS, they do a good job at clearing doubts and explaining things. Hope you have a good stay here. In the meantime, some good topics to check out would be:

:left_speech_bubble: Chatting place
This is the Chatting Place. Enough said.
Chicken Invaders Memes V2
This is a topic where you can read/post memes about CI. It’s mainly a place to have fun.
Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!
Here, you can send any artwork about CI you have.
:earth_americas: How to translate the game
If you are looking to translate the game to your native language, then you can use this topic for info. You can also provide feedback about translations and discuss with others about it.


how am i cringe? lmao

thats good then

I’d say accusing someone of being a fat bigot with no life and judging an entire topic without seeing the topic in question would fall quite neatly into the category of cringe.

LMAOOOOO am i a fat faggot that doesnt have a life? LMAOOO DUDEE Do you even know what cringe means? Dudeee you dont have to go that low. I’ve never insulted anyone there but your manner is so low and hypocritical.

I’d ask you if you know what accuse means, and I’m perfectly aware what “cringe” means. The real cringe here is you lacking basic comprehension skills. I’d like to remind you that it was you who called me a discord mod, not the other way round, you absolute troglodyte


i didnt called you a discord mod lmao, i said your manner and behavior is like exactly a discord moderator. also i see you’re still not 100% aware of what cringe means. lemme give an example from a person without explaining it to you, which is bella poarch. im sure you know her and i hate her. but thats not the topic rn.

Didn’t know I had to be a TikTok star to be considered cringe.

Let’s all calm down everyone. After all, the FAQ states this:

Sorry if this comes off as rude, but please do follow the ToS. It is very important.


You don’t have to be actually.

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I think it’s common courtesy to read, and follow the rules when you go to a public place. The same holds true on the internet. If, for some reason, you’re allowed to shit on the floor when you’re at a friend’s house, then nobody is stopping you from doing it. However, you shouldn’t expect to shit on the floor in a public place and reasonably get away with it. That’s because rules are pretty important to maintain a healthy environment, be it online or offline. Now of course, if you’re caught shitting on the floor publicly, you can’t really say that you didn’t read the rules, because people were telling you the whole time not to shit on the floor anyway, and furthermore, it’s kind of common knowledge to not shit on the floor, and I think you’d agree that shitting on the floor publicly is indeed, pretty cringe. You just can’t use a technicality of ‘but it says “everything related to x”, so everything fits, it’s the problem of the rules not being written well enough’ because you know well enough that some things, when frowned upon, are just not supposed to be done. But I don’t know, keep complaining about “dIsCoRd MoDEraTors oppressing me” while irritating everyone around you, and argue on the semantics of the word “cringe” whilst missing the entire point of what you’re not supposed to do.


Summarize it, i wont read all of these.

If you can’t read that then this site isn’t really a place for you.