I have a quastion

I see lot of green dots in universe. i just wanna know are they just online players or all of players online/offline ?

maybe no it’s an contact bro just offline/online. (50 contacts for maximum)?


go to

how to chat in there?

You simply go there and click the reply button to start chatting. I hope you can figure it out from there.

Posting this here instead of :left_speech_bubble: Chatting place since it may be of public of interest.

If you zoom in to the green dots/blimps, you can actually see that those are players. Players with light green blimps own what’s called a Chicken Hunter License (CHL) which you can buy by clicking the 4th button on the galaxy screen’s sidebar (the icon that looks like a bag).

The online status is only relevant if you are Contacts with other players. You can search for Contacts and add them in your Profile screen → Contacts.

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