CIU version 126.2

I don’t know if it’s been suggested before, but I think there should an option to highlight the player ship during multiplayer missions. Something like a colored outline in order to perfectly distinguish your ship from the others while there is total chaos on screen.

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Idea: In Droid Raids, the harder the mission, the faster Droids move.


BX players do not agree on your idea.


Okay Man

Hello Starbrockle it’s me Ziad Remember?

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Don’t chat here dude, go to in:


ahhh ok

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It depends on how big the increase would be.

During the balloon chicken waves, these balloon chickens don’t shoot eggs. Is it normal? How was it then in ci3. :neutral_face:

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Is it wrong to give “feedback” 10 minutes after announcement? Well, we’ll see.

Question: Remaster? Not Remake? Also, will it be standalone or included into CIU?

Wha… Why? Regularly? Kind of hard to believe that.

It would be even better if they were added to CIU.
Anyway, what exactly do you mean by modern format? 16:9 FHD resolution?

Last I checked it worked good enough when I used Wine.

You’re a curious being. Calling working with a 20+ year old C++ game source code as a “tackling an easier project”. Unless you mean a remake then we can scratch that whole line.

This is ultra quick.

So, the release is in 3-4 days?

Also, I really love that Discourse forum in v3.0 allows you to quote closed topics. This is such a convenient thing.

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With wine it works fine, with Windows 8+ it doesn’t.

As for forum, I hope this is not related to it.

Wonder what they messed up. OpenGL was messed in Vista or Win7 if I remember correctly.

What’s wrong there? (I never used mobile version)

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Vista+ due to a new desktop window manager with hardware acceleration.

The huge gap between the keyboard and the text should not exist.

will this “badge” next to my name be appeared too? :sweat_smile:

I’m sure this wouldn’t end up as Half life Source.

I have some questions regarding CI1 remastered:

Which UVE will it use? And will it prevent users from changing HQxxxX/HQxX values?

Will later chapters oddities be fixed?

Will it have new music? Like CI2 Remastered, but with CIU’s anniversary music or something.

How long will development take exactly? You’re too fast at porting this game to newer UVE, which I’d fear it’d create another Half life source, but for CI.

How much will it cost?

Will there be a wave limit?

Is there anything that’s going to change in the main story? Since, idk what happened after CI1 rather than the hero died and was reborn in CI2.

Anyways, that’s a very cool project, now all games are playable! :eyes:

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Eh? Did we not have 120th Anniversary in CIU already? Why port the same thing twice?

Guess what people used to contact InterAction before December 2018

Did we not have all waves from episodes in CIU already?? Is CIU a spin-off or a “Chicken Invaders Launcher”!?

I think he meant 1 week starting from halfway point

Isn’t it supposed to become balanced. Look at the satellites. It’s not balanced

That’s how the VF family are supposed to be i think

And M408???

Yes it is balance for vf.