Site idea - Chat

Maybe something like button that allows you to LIVE talk with other people… Like in discord #general

And in down right corner live support with staff members where you can talk about account bugs and that things…

This exists.

You can write a private message to InterAction studios while they’re online. If they aren’t — they are busy.


also, were you expecting a whole support team of 100 members who work 24/7?

Sonetihng like… Chat where 1 staff support can help, he can switch, so other staff member can join coversation

sorry bud, there is only 1 staff member in the forum

Just to add some necessary context here, there’s only one staff member here not because the team isn’t dedicated to community feedback, but because the dev team literally is this one very talented guy (at least for PC versions. I believe that the same isn’t consistently true for mobile).

Yea, my fav games is from interaction studios

mobile is still iA making that, its just a company publishing it ig

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