Planet Types?

I was trying to do some quests in the game and found it hard to spot the correct type of planet to go to (Gas giant, inferno, etc.). Can you guys help me list out the planet types and some features to recognise each of them?

Try clicking on some planets, their names should show.

I can only see the names of the planets in the planet group (sorry I dont remember what its called) that im currently in and not other planets outside of it

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There’s a lot.
-Gas Giant
-Barren Rock
-Artificial Moon
-Terran Planet
-Alien World

Some planets can be hard/rare to find. Show me a picture and I might help you more.

it’s called star system yes. I can only see the type of the planets within the star system that im currently in and not other stars outside of them.

Explore other star systems then and try to find the specific planet.

well thats the problem. Because I dont know what a specific type of planet looks like I can only blindly go to other star systems and hope to come across it

What is the planet that you need to explore? (what is it called)

Right now I need to go to inferno planets. I assume there will be more types to find in future quests so might as well create a topic here for all of them.

Infernos should be red with some yellow or orange with them. You can ask people in Chatting Place for help.

This might sound stupid but what is a chatting place? :sweat_smile:

This 🗨 Chatting place

i see. thanks a lot

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Infernos are easy to recognise, they’re red with lava flowing on their surfaces.

Frozen wastelands are light-blue icy with white outline.

Gas giants tend to be big and striped.

All artificial moons look the same, orbit around bigger planets. They’re tiled.

Barren rocks are generally small and entirely monochrome (white - grey to black), also orbit around bigger planets.

Terran planets are blue (oceans), green (forests) and white (clouds), look like the Earth.

Most of the remaining are alien worlds, which you see all the time. They’re color splashed and can have almost any color. They can orbit suns or other planets.

Learn to predict the planet types before click to check them out. You will soon be able to differentiate all of them. You can tick this as the solution.


Isn’t every planet a ball? You could say “They’re tiled”

I said they look like balls, not they are balls. Anyway, I will edit it.

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