Possible Bug? Keep Getting The Same Old League Notifications

So I was in a mission, and I got a notification pop up that said “<player I defeated almost 24 hours ago> was defeated in <mission I got dared again, almost 24 hours ago>” which really threw me off and I died, anyway, after a few seconds I got another pop up saying "< the same player > is flying and after a few seconds, I got the first notification again, it was exactly the same as last time, and after another few seconds, I got the exact same 2nd notification again and that kept going like that until I lost all of my lives… This isn’t intentional right? Because it really threw me off almost every time (until I realized it wasn’t going to stop)
Edit: just got back into the game and got yet another nofitication that said that I defeated the same player again but in a different mission (codename was different) which is odd since I only went against them once

The behaviour you’re describing is certainly not intentional, although I can’t classify it as a bug either, because it’s possible that these are two (or more) separate dares you’re talking about (you can dare once every 24 hours). Some video would be very helpful here.

In any case, if you’re distracted by them, turn off the “Notifications (mission)” option in the galaxy’s ‘hamburger’ menu.


I doubt… Since this person only dared me once and I never dared him… Perhaps I was mistaken and it did show the same codename… But I don’t remember it too well now.

Yeah I thought about that… But by the time I started recording it seemed to have stopped, if I come by it again, I’ll definitely record it and update this post.

I’ll consider doing that if it happens again, thanks for the help

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