Early Access version 111

Lol. And this is off topic.

Guys @PlasmaX @iIfireIi

I can’t speak English I trying translation of English language


I’m not girl I’m boy

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Your name is a girls name.


IA , there is someone suggested this other than ChickenInvader45 .

I don’t think that’s his name.
It’s just the name of a character in Jenny Robot cartoon.

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I know but I liked name it in CIU

And YT channel


This is off-topic
Please continue in Chatting place.

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Yeah, Before we get flagged.

Turning Fork is fine.
Atleast in my opinion.

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  1. Remove The “Clean Sweep” Feature from Astroids, Treasure Shower, Eggshell fields waves, it is totally unobtianable to acheive them due to some of them lurking at the sub corners of the screen

  2. Plasma rifle firing position have some texture problems

  3. For the last time I say, make a longer cooldown for the enemies in the treasury waves, “Looks fine to me” is not a solution and a not proof the wave is fine. it is absolutely hard to survive with this continous firing cutting us from proceeding.

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I guess this was suggested many times but it was declined.

Why though? It is not always that they come from sub corners. There’s a chance that they can drop straight.

Hmm, strange. Let me catch up a chicken invasion mission containing balloon chickens, and try again, I’m probably wrong about them not counted. You’re right. They are counted for Multi-kill bonus.

I hope my proof make it get implemented this time, also mention people who suggested that.

Lemme tell you something, some of them are being fast, they are too many, and there is a chance they appear from a deadly point.

Fly an easy mission lol
I got that before on hard, they should have a medal for it lol

Clean sweep, just as pecking order, must be 100% possible at all cases, From easy to insane difficulty.

but these waves don’t have this feature and there is no fix for it so better removing it.

The Debris was falling

oh ok. i visited the fandom wiki of ciu a few months ago, it said that the difficulty is always locked to rookie. but it has been fixed. Ok i guess im way too stupid.

It’s 100% possible to get clean sweep there, you just need some skills.
Plus, pecking is 100% impossible if there’s a bomb.

IA, can you write the possibility of purchasing Hardpoints with CHL in this text?

and why supernova appeared in normal environments ?

Then I don’t know what’s causing this.

And I say it isn’t because of some lurking at the corners of the screen.

actually u can, asteroids and treasure shower are easier to get if they move slower, in higher diff, u can get it, although it’s almost impossible due to their fast movement

Eggshell fields is literally the easiest to get clean sweep once u know where the eggs come. They move even slower than asteroid and treasure, and difficulty only affects eggs and enemies health, as well as stronger enemies inside