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Am I bump?

What do you mean?

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Am I the one who save this topic?

Yeah and I thank you.


But I don’t think the others do.

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I save topic twice

Good HerobowBoyVN.


This topic exists.

So does this topic.


Kids never learn, sadly

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What did you said dear @Francis ?

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Just a fact
also, pinging is not necessary

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Go to chatting place and talk about this

how do i save myself from unread

Don’t know?

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wtf bro, that’s not good, bumping topics is bad and shouldn’t be done.

Others don’t do it because that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Stop with your spamming.

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You don’t need to quote individual lines if you’re already going to respond to each one in sequence of posts.

Just state everything you need to say instead of quoting so many lines, unless you want to keep jumping from one line to another in someone’s posts. Otherwise, it seems like you’re artificially lengthening your post.


I know them all.

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then why did ya do it, bro


I didn’t want to spam replies, so that’s why, but yeah, I’ll try to take that into consideration next time :+1:

You actually don’t, because we keep warning you about it and you do not want to listen nor change your way of posting things.


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