Chicken Invaders Memes V2

Remember I using stand-alone ver

No. There’s a special tool used to mod CIU and get any texture. And it isn’t available for the public.

You can easily get textures and mod CI episodes, using WD extractor.

It’s on CIU’s installation folder, they’re located in the CIU.dat.222x file

Well mine have the blank folder only so I guess I have no right tool to use it.

Again, this isn’t Minecraft.
You have hard times telling if this is Minecraft fan game or not

Here’s some good solutions to tell if this is Minecraft or not.

  • Don’t make chicken farms in Minecraft.
  • Don’t throw eggs at your colleagues.
  • Don’t use mods that contain forks.
  • Don’t use mods that lets you go to space.
  • Check reality. Is everything a cube or not? If everything is a cube, it’s Minecraft. If it isn’t, then I suggest raising your screen resolution, and get a better monitor.
  • This means, don’t use resource packs or shaders in Minecraft.

Wdym, this is a meme




This is Fortnite.

I literally posted unfunny and it turned into a nonsense argument


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should not exist



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This community is so brain deads. That’s why I always take people complains into my fun meme

And your ideas are braindeads as well.


That one utensil poker when it’s reach to the border.

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gotta love how you call us braindeads when you are not using english correctly


Engrlisk in asia is like that.

i am from the same country as you

Technically, all CIU users are vietnamese. Only a tinyprecentages are from other countries