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Come back when 6969 :moyai:

Here’s mine


Both were boring. Though, this means Christmas Eve will be another duet.

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Man, many uses of accumulator


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Very cold.


Whenever you wait to see the winter, will be very cold. even the christmas will be coming soon.

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so. I’m not coward but it’s better just pure skill :grinning:!

or find from m404 legendary please or i’m retired from game in CIU.

In fact, you’re even more of a coward. You left Dare just because you lost to me after solving the mess here :woman_shrugging:
I know, I know you won’t care, but you are still a coward boy, lmao

A new contact.

Should I accept him?

if you know him, then yes

Actually, I heard that guy is joining me in room before…ah yes I remember.

No I cancelled the request.

Reason: the demanding for anyone to gift him.

nah. it’s my quest in commodore 1 pips and so left the my league or just say i don’t care! (im not coward so dare me again soon -you dare-)

A spacecraft, hm, indeed… I have slept long enough.

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Let’s go

I’m waiting for your request. But since you left, I have nothing to do but to tease you.

Still coward, lmao.

still im not coward i be join the league soon when and not reach rank up commordore pips no.2.



Better prepare and don’t leave if you lose again :wink:
Or you’ll be marked as coward 2sN

Which mission is this? Where can it be found?

Anyway, I’d like to show off my performance in a comment chase mission. 3 million points should be possible.

Squawk Block: Real Tounge

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