Early Access version 98.3

Yeah, the old one is just the same as the, victory one in CI4 (just only Beginning extension is different)


iA, will you make edition contents to everything in CIU later?
Or make an Xmas track for tracks like CI3 victory theme?

possibly :thinking:
But my guest account doesn’t have callsign.

Tiến Nguyễn TV - (Early Access) Chicken Invaders Universe - Multiplayer Room LMK.MrGaming #47 - YouTube - Tiến Nguyễn Tv
Guys do you watching tiến nguyễn tv

From 59 to 1 mintues

Don’t need to nofication everyone because, first they’re busy second they don’t have time… So don’t need to do that.

Also the Early Access topic is for discussion about the game, not a chat place. If you want to chat then go to :left_speech_bubble: Chatting Place topic:


I heard this bug (negative lives) occured in earlier versions, idk if it was fixed but it happened to me twice in this version (only while playing multiplayer, both instances I was playing normally then out of nowhere was disconnected, after logging back in I couldn’t play any mission cause it kept saying “Connection closed from other side”, the fix was to reset the mission config)

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I have no idea wtf is this
(I didn’t start any mission ,but I was in mission config menu)


2 hours left before this topic will be close and new update will come.


V100 coming this year??? :smiley:


The end of the year…

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@InterAction_studios did u investigate it?

Thanks, finally managed to replicate this.

Fixed in v.99 :medal_sports: Bug


Uhh… no? What makes you think that?


ha,I can see clearly my name :))

Fixed in v.99 :medal_sports: Bug


Early Access version 99 will be released on Tuesday 14 December 2021


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I suggest each planet with Electric should have its lightning color in-game the same as its preview instead of just a glowing blue lightning
Like this planet, it should have purple lightning because of its preview

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isn’t this already a feature. i see red lightning on hot planets