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When you’re so prissy that you think using less “offensive” words makes you more likeable.

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The exquisite irony in this is that, by pulling out the exact definition of nitpicky in order to prove that someone else is nitpicky, is by very definition nitpicky… ok I’m done with today’s mindfuck.

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Geez, 45 regulars, what a record


Each one more unworthy than the last


I, too used to be one once. Until I didn’t find a reason to have it or was worthy enough for it lol.

Why you still member?

So for you it’s okay to see some normal asteroids in her environments. Imagine if you were the developer how bugs & ideas you won’t accept just because they aren’t that big.

I’m sorry but do you see me asking for likes or something?? I was just expressing my opinion that I got tired of that word. And I’m glad I hate offensive words. Don’t think I don’t know much swearing. I just don’t like using them. You guys have fun swearing at every sentence of yours.

Be patient. It takes time.

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You’re not being coherent at all. What is your argument?

Point is, it doesn’t make your points more valid. If you want me not to be such a dick about it just say it loud and clear. Words aren’t offensive by themselves, it’s the context. Regardless of the words you use, they still cut deep.

There’s a difference between this:

“What are you? An idiot sandwich.”

and this:

“That’s fucking awesome.”

The top one is clearly offensive, the bottom one isn’t. All I’m saying is, by using less “offensive” words, you aren’t blunting the edge of your words: you could be making it worse.


I’m just tired of this word. Eventhough IA accept them. People keep saying this word.

I could but I might get flagged.

I guess you’re right. Thanks for the advice.

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People don’t say it for nothing.

No you won’t. Unless you’re the one doing the flagging.


An example of food rush mission

See wave no. and food collect no.

You can make an idea topic About it

discourse bugs ya know, proof?

(don’t worry i am not gonna flag it)

another one


by the way congratulations bro for becoming a regular user in this forum


Are you replying me?

Yes, he meant you can make a topic about food rush missions.

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I can try, but I need few day.


Well good luck then.

Competition with Catch the Food Challenge?