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Can you send a image of the size of the planet? i think what @Pepper.V has another more smaller

Is there anything wrong with the image that I uploaded 3 posts above?


Sorry for that.

Comparing these two, Beta Ctesylla is more smaller:

Alpha Bellerophon:

What do you think about it?

I think everything is still up to discussion. We just started (I didn’t even expect so quick answers, I thought we would have some research, but it was pretty quick) and I can literally go anywhere and stay forever if we decide on the final planet.

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How about to envelop the sun?

I accidentaly joined the party :). Sorry ik what i go from the forum until ends of december but i was interesed when i have see a lot of spacecrafts in that planet and i just checked the forum to see what happen :stuck_out_tongue:

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You need a pretty large sample size for that. People are spread throughout a galaxy, and there will only be 30 or 40 people max who may volunteer.


Maybe it would help if IA made a special message telling people about the event. And 5 keys of prize for participating.


Gamma Leucothea (1254km) at max zoom compared to Alpha Bellerophon(2365km)

Actually, I think we can compare “Diameter” stat as it looks like somewhere true?

UPD: Even smaller: Gamma Alcyone (1227 km)


Every planet is okay, in my opinion. I’ll just wait for the final decision

Master Oogway’s beautiful words. :grinning:

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Nice meme of Master Oogway, mate.

The like button exists

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I know, I didn’t miss that.

Im so close! two Contellations more and I joined :smiley:

Unfortunatly, i dont having the nessesary intertnet to play ciu, maybe i will be in this state during a week :confused:

That is ultra small. I think it is even smaller than shops. Where is it located?


Hegemone star system, right in center


I wonder if that’s the smallest one. I would ask IA, but he didn’t post anything since 2 days so I assume he’s working on something more important.

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