Early Access

When does it finishs,huh?

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Firstly, when it’s finished
Secondly, Chatting place exist, please ask it there instead of creating a topic about it.


EA will end once its end will be decided by iA (when it’s done)

Guys!I just wanted to know when.

In case you didn’t understand, EA is still ongoing and there is no clear date or even a close estimate on when it’ll end. For all we know, we might not even be halfway through finishing EA.

Also, check this topic for your question Frequently Asked Questions before making a topic about it.


When it’s done

Don’t expect it this year, or even next year. I’d say it either comes in late 2021 or early 2022. It’s one person working on the game, so if you want faster progress, IA should make a team.


No. I’d say it either comes in late 2100 or early 2220.


Already suggested. He tried hiring someone but ended up by doing eveything himself.

I’m famished.

Well we are not

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