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good luck


happy vacation

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I think I left this topic for long time
why the topic got closed

Read the title of that topic and its posts again, that should be a telltale sign as to why it’s closed.

I think that little war happened here
there are so flags

I don’t want to check maybe it contains bad things

Good, it’s better not to know.

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Good luck bro.

Hi guys, I am on vacation and offline but somehow I got internet and replying.
Maybe I will not online after this.

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I DID IT IM FREE returning to ciu…

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Wow i guess it end of moatz account is deleted or stay hidden and permanently ban in-game ciu.

They were banned for I assume bad behavior

Today i check my final grades… Wish me luck.


Good Luck

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Best wishes bro :100:

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If you have the best score I’ll give you a brand new cereal box.

Ehe, best wishes for you! :100:

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good luck comrade

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School’s sleeping, summer’s rising and shining. We pray for you, friend!

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Hopefully, you will success with your grades :pray:

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Fact: GEN has a chance to featured top 1-5 players on dailies and space race while top 6-10 has a higher chance to be featured
And for league, it was completely random