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you should let your brain rest in the cupboard while reading his replies.


WW4 starting…



calling it a war makes the whole situation more cringing.

Actually, I feel like if we just IGNORED him everything will be fine, If we replied to him we will look childish exactly like him


this is not a war. what’s wrong with you? best enemy! will just Ignored you from drama.

:popcorn: real

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I just watch the war I won’t join
spectating mode is enabled

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we don’t care too


This is not a goddamn war. This is just a cringe situation that an immature person comes up when has nothing to do.

Easier said than done.
I don’t have to reopen my popcorn machine huh?

15 days left for half of 2024 passing and all we got is tik tok videos and another reskin.


and not even a new boss because mhs doesn’t count

Ok ok chill its not GODDAMN war i agree with that


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guys this is only a joke there is no new war we just wanted to make some fun don’t take it seriously
and with this I hope to stop the battle against you guys

Which one is harder?
  • The Yolk Star™!
  • Mother-Hen Ship (CI2)
  • Both are equally hard
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Also I read the post above and I don’t want to say this again but this is a forums not a war zone for y’all to fight with

Maybe its because I always played 2 when I was younger, but the CI2 Mothership isn’t hard at all.


I always fight Yolk-Star™ that can shoot 7 lasers (cause i always use SSH) and it’s insanely hard but that makes it my favorite boss & villain in the entire series.

Lets be real, we all died to the Mother Hen Ship attack where it started shooting lasers directed at you instead of shooting them wide :skull:

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It isn’t at all, just don’t focus on the chickens and kill them after the homing bullets commence.