CIU debugging medals (fixed bugs ONLY)


We’re retroactively issuing medals to anyone who has reported a bug in the game that was eventually fixed as a result of that report.


  • Only the first person to report a bug receives a medal.
  • Bug must have been reported on this forum, or via e-mail.
  • Cosmetic bugs are not eligible (spelling errors, rendering bugs, wrong text alignment, etc.)

Going forward, we’ll issue medals immediately for new bug fixes, but we need your help in properly cataloguing older bugs. If you have ever submitted a bug that you can see fixed in the game today and would like a medal for it, post a link to your original post below.

  • Make sure to include your in-game callsign so we can find your account.
  • Post only bugs already fixed here. Future Bugs will automatically receive medals.
  • If you have more than one bug, include all of their links in a single post. You’ll receive one medal for each.

:heart: If we have liked your post, it means a medal has been issued to you. Log in the game to collect it!


egg canon fix for no powerups!




Does discovering a way to enable Debug Mode count?


And my callsign changed to 2sNkraD


callsign: theguyisp


Information Overlay settings not preserving correctly

Mouse Capture bug


Other bugs I reported

I’m not sure if the following two count.

I wasn’t the first to report this one but I managed to reproduce it.

I was mentioned in the changelog there. It’s not even a glitch but it’s still technical so I included it here.


My callsign is “VerMishelb”

(Not a bug, but it is important fix)

Is forum stuff counts? (For some reason this link don’t show preview)


My callsign is GuestUniverse2.

The last two though, I don’t know if it is just a “cosmetic bug”…


Stuff I reported:

I didn’t report this,but I was able to figure out why it happens,and I reproduced the bug:

Not sure if it counts,but might be worth a try,anyways
My callsign is Orandza


Its still imposible to fix? The UFO is still visible on the top, but dont fall :frowning:
I forgot that this is only about fixed bugs. But i still mentioned the UFO bug wich is still alive.

I forgot: My callsign is the game is Nikito


My in-game callsign RoboCat

Additional Information (My coordinate and my ship)



My callsign is Berker95


callsign: matix524


My callsign: Kiyan_LiftFan