Irritating bug!

Why when i killed some ufo chick(without the chick or chicken) the ufo dissapear. This happenes only when the ufo is on the top, right and left or in 1 word аt the edges of the screen. When it going to drop, he dissapears. Same with the keys. @InterAction_studios make it to fall down even if we killed the ufo on the edges. Its annoying seeing this :frowning: and i lose points because of this thing.

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I didn´t understand nothing.

Good job! Recruit :+1:

Maybe you dont play the game?

The game deletes these types of objects as soon as they are invisible. If they spawn outside the screen, then they are deleted immediately. Sorry :frowning:

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Its weird, because the comet chase levels are different. When some comet dissapear from the screen you still can destroy it when the purple light is there(i know because the coin fall down). Will the comets be with the asteroid missions combined?

Hey IA, what if you expand the item borders for missio area. Not for ship, only for chickens and items. So they wont disappear, right?