Early Access version 10


This is mainly a bug-fixing update, although there are minor content additions in the form of two new exhausts. However, don’t take this to mean that the experience is the same: all CI3/4/5 bosses have been buffed to provide much more of a challenge in harder difficulties, and most boss variations can now appear at any difficulty. Keep a healthy stock of special weapons handy – you’re bound to need them!


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured

Waves & bosses in existing missions may have been reshuffled due to changes to procedural generation.


  • Atreus constellation: Moved Danae star system away from Lamedon to prevent overlap (server-side fix)
  • Fixed Yolk-Star’s 2nd form collision area.
  • Mysterious Boss now has danger zone warning.
  • UCO eggs are now larger and faster.
  • Bonus Challenge presents now have 75% less health.
  • Asteroid wave probability reduced by 25%.
  • Fixed breadth of H&C 301 exhausts (they were twice as wide as they should be).
  • Added 2 new exhaust types.
  • Prevented “Logging in” message from being visible for a single frame upon disconnection.
  • Dimensional Phase-out now has a 0.5 second grace period upon expiration.
  • “Special Forces” boss now has deeper cluck when damaged, “It’s party time” boss has squeakier cluck.
  • OS keyboard state is now reset to zero on each frame (might fix some ‘stuck key’ problems).
  • Yolk-Star now has 7 cannons on difficulties >120%
  • Fences can no longer kill players with invulnerability.
  • Perfectly centered laser scope in HQ2X mode.
  • Poultry Payback now appears at player’s location (instead of incorrect source-of-damage location)
  • Much faster login times.
  • Temporarily reverted to BASS in an attempt to fix the ongoing loop sounds bug.
  • Collision cones of BulletTaperBlue (UFO aliens), BulletTaperGold (Crab), and BulletTaperPink (Henterprise) reduced by 20% to better conform to their visual appearance.
  • Fixed pink beam blind spot of Henterprise’s final stage.
  • Prevented UCO from dropping too low in difficulties <100%.
  • Increased number of UCO tentacle deformation polygons.
  • Buffed all CI4 & CI5 bosses to ramp up speed & attacks according to difficulty.
  • Number of certain UCO attacks now depends on difficulty (higher=more attacks).
  • New throwing algorithm for Chef and Crab that is more accurate and works even if arms move too fast or fps is low.
  • All UCO variations can now appear at any difficulty level.
  • All Crab variations can now appear at any difficulty level.
  • Temporary debug feature: holding the right mouse button down during a mission will display currently pressed keys at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Removed “Some” from star system name list (requires galaxy regeneration)


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


I can not see the name of the stars, nor any option to see the star map in addition to not being able to travel. I think it’s a bug

The galaxy exploration progress appears to have been reset.
I only have that single star explored, while I had much more around my location before the update. Everything else is still there, though (inventory, spacecraft, etc.)

Oh, and I can’t interact with anything inside of the star system I’m in, even though it says that I’m already there.


??? how?

Fixing… 10 minutes.



@xXmlgDiegoXx @Sammarald Someone please confirm whether it’s been fixed for you.

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It’s fixed.


yea boss

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Was the Chicken Multiplicity fight buffed as well? It didn’t feel much different, aside from the Super-Chick arriving faster. The Inifni-Chicks there felt weaker than they were in their own Twice Infinity boss fight.

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Hi @InterAction_studios,

At first, please don’t nerf the bosses! I want to keep that challenge.

But one thing should be nerfed imo: the flying speed of UCOs. They always “ram” into you :smile:

But now there’s a problem (kinda):

Since 8/8 boss rush missions are really hard, i most likely will die. a lot. The problem is that I technically lose 5 keys every time I die (because I lose extra lives) which makes trying quite cost intensive. Also, the unoriginality penalty shouldn’t count if you get a Game Over, only if you surrender or complete a mission.

Multiplicity wasn’t really buffed because it seemed challenging enough as it was. You guys want it to be harder?


buff the super-chick even more too. you should make more super-chicks to be in one boss wave, and maybe make 3 super-chicks the max, because 4+ seems too hard. plus i’m not telling about the multiplicity super-chick, i’m talking about the NORMAL super-chick boss.

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  • make the first big chicken release 4 infinity chicks
  • release eggships instead of chickenauts
  • release ufo chickens instead of ordinary ones
  • etc etc

btw, what about waves where random bosses get set in? A “Random Boss Battle” wave, for example, a military chicken + a mysterious ship etc., completely random. Must be fun

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I’m glad you fixed this one :wink: (and yes, I was the one that reported it)

Keep the frequent attacks but reduce the movement speed. (For all buffed bosses.)

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My concern is that they’re all mounted ones and all chickens splitted are not.

I needed to buy a pen for this update :scream:.

I think the Apple Core needs a buff too. The only thing that changes with difficulty seems to be that it starts attacking you sooner.


Yeah. It would be great. I suggest to change shooting barriers to different enemies depending on difficulty used. On SSH shooting barriers should be replaced by Chick Gatling Guns.

Egg Cannon boss is almost impossible at highest difficulty + SSH. I like it though.

The “Chicken multiplicity” boss fight takes quite long though. I don’t know if it’s necessary to make it harder