Fix bugs in "Shoot the Core" on Boss Rush

Sometimes Firepower Charity gives you 3 firepowers, sometimes it gives 7, sometimes it gives 5.

Same mission on different attempts.

Just like the video in the reply section but this one is mine: Chicken Invaders Universe [EARLY ACCESS]: Starchy Chambray - Survival (Firepower Charity Bug) - YouTube

Oh, ſpeaking of ſhoot the core, I’ve noticed that the firſt time the core makes a firing ſound it doeſn’t actually fire.

Charity should depend on the mission difficulty and your current firepower. It can’t be completely random.

On each wave there is a minimum required firepower level, for example, on a max difficulty Superstar Hero Boss Rush, the required firepower level is 9.

If you have your firepower lower than that, the game will spawn as many of them as necessary so you reach that exact required firepower.

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Correct. Minimum power is 0 for 0% difficulty, 6 for 100% difficulty. On top of this, boss waves get +3 minimum power.

@Traveller: Checking… Indeed. Fixed.


Ace is right,charity doesn’t always seem to spawn during the apple core fight.

Check this out: Apple Core Charity Bug - YouTube
The “charity” bonus appears in the top left,but…powerups are nowhere to seen. Maybe the powerups spawn too far on the right sometimes,which causes them to despawn or something?

Ah, right. Yes, powerups spawn outside the screen. Fixed.