"No lives lost" bug

I died on today’s Daily Challenge on a wave called “To Infinity and Beyond” (probably wave 7 or 8).

  • I exit the game on that wave (disconnect and quit) for a toilet break.
  • I saved the world again (start the game again)
  • I continued the Daily Challenge, restarting that wave. It gave me 4 lives to continue (this is true because I’ve just lost one life, I started with 4 “Extra Life” items).
  • After the result, it shows that I got two medals for both stages for no lives lost (it should be only one), plus a “Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time” as well.

Can you try reproducing this bug and fix it?

Note: This is different from this post: Lives are recovering after trying to ''cheat'' (bug)

Bug confirmed. Will fix.

Update: fixed in v.17

:medal_military: Bug medal

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