Early Access version 05

THAT’S the Vulcan Chaingun now?


Well, when it’s nearly overheated.
This is how it looks like normally:

I don’t think that’s necessary, the weapon’s plenty strong enough.


Oh, my gosh, that’s amazing!


Discord overlay with Shift + ~


I don’t feel strength of weapons. No matter what I pick. Chickens take way too long to be killed on SSH. Also, it’s still frustrating when you lose all your lives and firepower on a wave where enemies circle you and open the fire so you cant dodge (chicken quadrants with 100 chickenauts - ok, let the games begin with 20 chickenauts - endless deaths) when you had a perfect play before. Also it’s frustrating that, if you think “I will try the mission again with the right superweapons”, you will only get 50% score because of “unoriginality”, which is a no go for dailies. Then, superweapons are so expensive that you can’t keep up with the keys, so it’s a waste to get helpful assistance. But missiles and mines wont help in those waves either because they also don’t deal enough damage, you’d need to spam like 5 of them. 45 keys lost for passing 1 wave? Not effective I think. SSH is good, but still needs improvements. I have nothing against epic waves, as long as you can dodge and can clear enemies fast enough to bot lose all lives on one wave after having a succesful run so far.

Also, here’s a version for a new Vulcan Gun present:



Another issue I have to point out is this.

Shouldn’t I be able to buy more extra slots than just one? Having just one isn’t really helpful.


@InterAction_studios I can only kill about 5-10% of all enemies here. This is really a problem. The fun of shmups is to free your way from enemies and bullets, but here you just get overrun by a bullet sponge, which is jsut frustrating.

Just tried it on Tourist. It was much better there, but that was mainly because there were almost no harder enemies (the hardest ive seen was chickenauts). Because many hard enemies mean more hp in a wave, damage should actually be boosted. This causes more action as there are more explosions.

Wait. I think i found the real problem now: mission difficulty(orange boxes) scale enemy base health way too much. I have no problems with killing by playing a 0/8 difficulty mission on SSH. I think the best way is to scrap damage scaling from skill levels completely, and nerf the health scaling from mission difficulty (an ordinary chicken should have 800-1000 health at most).

Also, I think that chicken eggships have a bit too much health.


Everything has too much health in SSH, it’s not fun at all.


I am playing a 0/8 difficulty mission on SSH right now, it works pretty well. Hard missions already spawn hard enemies, why does it increase health that much too? It’s making it too hard. And as I said, skill level damage scaling should just be removed, so it will always stay the same on every skill level.


@InterAction_studios maybe there can be an option that puts explosions and particles under projectiles so you always see them?

See,the high enemy health could have been countered easily by the old ssh that let you deal 3x the damage.

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Huh? It divided the effective firepower by three!

SSH on a 0/8 mission is no problem for me. I often get clean sweeps there. The mission difficulty scales enemy heaqlth way too much. And I think if the damage penalty gets removed or inverted slightly we would have a good balance.

iirc it increased the damage because of a bug.

When I say old ssh,I mean the one in ciu that existed before the game got updated for the first time.
Again,that high health could have been countered by the old ssh. You see,a new player without any upgrades should play those 0/8 difficulty missions,and should slowly get keys to get better and better skill levels,in order to be able to tackle those 8/8 missions,eventually,and by that time,they’d also become better at the game.

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Oh, right! Sorry, I’d forgotten about that.

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Yeah I think slots should be available whenever you want

please give me image of Gun present thankyou :grinning::kissing_heart:

I cant describe how is geniously made the new Vulcan Chaingun. This is my new favorite weapon. I think when the heat bar is 1/4 from overheat is the best. It isnt really helpfull vs some bosses and other enemies when begins to overheat but its ok. @InterAction_studios Cheers!

@InterAction_studios when you shoot ufo chickens very close to the screen border, the saucer disappears instantly (because it’s out of bounds i think).