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I agree with the Third one, but the Off-topic category was litterally made for off-topic things. Obviously making the game better is great, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some fun!

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Like I said, some people just can’t read. This forum was not created only for people to report bugs and suggest features, who said we cannot have some fun? That’s the main reason this acc exists, to bring some entertainment on the forum, if iA theselves don’t take any action I do not see a problem anywhere. Who said that we’re not helping iA? Just so you know we play the game, post feedback in-game, an we WILL try to help anyone here who has a question about the game or is confused about something. After all we made our post in an off-topic category To have some fun with users and make a parody of EA and the game itself, but then there are few individuals who clearly don’t read or don’t get the joke, or say “he’s trying to get attention” which is NOT true, we literally made only one topic and are replying mostly on that one. When we reply in other topics, we often throw a (bad) joke or actually try to help the user, so this account is not useless in any way. Peace. <3


Now ruining this topic only because the other one is locked. Stop crying and craping other topics. Did you really think that i am the only who dont like this joke fest? Stop replying here, this is too much.

He’s got the point honestly.

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Ok, just had a look and I can’t find anything wrong. I think what you’re describing is a natural consequence of skill increasing difficulty and not enemy health directly.

Health increases linearly with difficulty, provided you are talking about the same enemy type. However, skill also changes enemy types, so there will be discontinuities as harder enemies are swapped in.

Example: suppose a regular chicken enemy in Veteran is replaced by a chickenaut in SSH. That’s a 500% increase in health right there.

This is very good to know, and explains a lot!

And I think that this could be a problem. You have to deal more damage to clear the wave. That doesn’t mean that you have to 1 shot everything, but on some waves (like do the backstroke) you have to watch the enemies passing by while your shooting as much as you can. I think health should scale a bit less by mission difficulty in exchange for other factors?

IA,remember how instant lasers during chicken multiplicity boss fight wouldn’t stretch far enough,but it was fixed later on? Well,a similar issue still exists with its indicators. Nothing really too major. Just wanted to point it out.

Thanks, fixed (just in time for update 8)!


What about the laser cannon? Why doesn’t it stretch out forever? This has been since CI4. It it supposed to be like that?

If it were a bug, it would’ve been patched back in CI4.

We just saw some CI3 bosses mentioned in the bugs and new features post, does this mean we’re getting CI3 content with this update?

Yeah, laser cannon should be stretched out, at least for horizontal waves. @GgWw1175 it’s not really a bug, but a limiting feature.

@InterAction_studios I have some ideas for items/superweapons:

  • Lootbox: instantly drop a few powerups and presents
  • an item that increases the maximum amount of powerups you can get per wave
  • an item that makes you lose less power when you die
  • Bullet Storm: an item that makes you shoot in 4 directions (so 4x bullets) and divides damage by 2 (so 2x effective damage)

I think no. The early access will be with CI5 and CI4 content far as i know.

But the “known bugs & new features” thread states that there will be bosses from ci3?

Iirc CI3 and 2 content will be added later in early access.
And by the looks of things we’ll be getting the Big Chicken and the Sweater Chicken. So it would seem like the process of adding CI3 content is slowly beginning.

Oh, this game will be a bit harder for now, because of CI3 bosses. To be continued meme compilations incoming.

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