Early Access version 13


This is mainly a bug-fixing update, but we also managed to cram in a lot of small improvements to the user experience, a couple of important gameplay changes, and a bunch of music, too.


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured


  • Fixed “Frontlet wing paint density” typo.
  • Removed some unused assets from data file (thanks @Sammarald).
  • Renamed “Men” star to “Menos” (galaxy regeneration required).
  • Removed “This” and “These” from potential mission names (galaxy regeneration required).
  • Removed dropped satellite from “Alien Mothership” boss.
  • More precise frost melting in frozen environments.
  • Added missing specular highlight to H&C cockpit.
  • Stricter server handling for cheated missions.
  • Mission stats now show exact duration and difficulty.
  • Squawk Block missions now limited to 5-20 waves.
  • Added villain music themes to Yolk-Star, Egg Cannon, Henterprise bosses.
  • Added CI4 retro music track (used for “retro” missions).
  • Alien mothership now plays CI4 retro music track.
  • Added CI2/3/4/5 theme music (plays randomly during missions).
  • Added theme & boss & villain & retro tracks as purchasable Equipment.
  • Frost in frozen environments now advances twice as fast.
  • Renamed “For” star to “Formion” (galaxy regeneration required).
  • Retro missions now drop 3 keys per wave and have +200% key boost.
  • Server: fixed bug of two updates in the same time slot (DB duplicate key).
  • Unoriginality penalty now only applies if mission has been won in the past.
  • Owning multiple expiration Equipment (e.g. Insights) now extends their overall expiration time (previously, they all expired independently).
  • Added Galaxy screen keyboard shortcuts: 1=Locate spacecraft 2=Profile 3=Inbox 4=Store 5=Information overlay
  • Squeezed in-mission food text slightly to avoid abutting with special weapon icons.
  • Prevented “Shoot the Core” boss’ first attack from occurring outside screen.
  • Fixed bug causing powerups/keys to spawn outside screen in horizontally-oriented waves.
  • Frozen wasteland planets now have 3x lower temperatures.
  • Server now prevents duplicate callsigns.
  • Basic information (including points until next tier) added to Profile screen.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


Finally the bugs are fixed, good job IA!

With so many themes added, I think it would be better if we had multiple Music slots, out of which the game would randomly pick the mission music.

Also, I think you should be able to pick the mission music in boss rushes.


I hope in future updates musics from Comet Chase, Feather Fields and Epsilon Thalassus will be added. Also Black holes still clips through the screen in my game.


Yeah, a lot of people have been ſuggeſting that.

First picture is before the latest version,second one is after the latest version of ciu. What happened here? It’s as if the bar can’t go above 100%,and the counter can’t,either.

Mistake with Interstellar Highway
it cross Star System but you can’t fly to here

Because it’s star system in other Constellation

How to fix ?!
Need change path for Interstellar Highway

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Don’t worry – this is just a display issue. Mission difficulties are exactly the same as before.


From CI2 there’s only the cutscene theme. Will you bring back the main remastered theme?


don’t forget just to funk too.

Isn’t it supposed to be “KNOWN BUGS”?

Damn it. All level is regenerated. I can’t found Yolk-Star™ and Egg Cannon on all my favorite boss rush misson list

First the H&C’s paintwork, then bug fixes, now for the M-404 PI’s turn in aesthetics.

I don’t think this update includes any changes that would mess with the generation of missions. Has anyone else noticed this? Will investigate.

Ah yes, there’s a change related to music that caused this. All boss rush missions are affected. Sorry :grimacing:

Same. My classic hend game first boss rush gives me the giant robotic spacecrab now.

My apple core turned into The Yolk-Star™ with 7 canons :ok_hand:


I still do not know where these wormholes

@Miroslavchik. If you search wormholes, you would find some locations.

However, if you wish to find a wormhole, this is how I managed to find a few.

First, you zoom in as far as you can. Then, you click the zoom out button 8 times. Afterward, move viewing screen to the right or left until you find one. A worthy note is to look in void as there may be a wormhole there and also TO TAKE YOUR TIME. Good luck.

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Zooming in 5 times is enough. You can cover a bigger area that way. Also,I think you meant the zoom in button.


You are right but I only mention it as it worked for me but you are right.