Early Access version 09

I just killed blast from the past, the made it pure madness and bullethell, hardest boss so far. On SSH at least.

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Asteroids and Bonus Challenge waves already have a high chance of appearing. In a 36 wave mission I got five asteroid waves and two bonus challenges.

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Well, i can’t wait for next update 10… Maybe asteroid missions will add.

We’ve issued an emergency update (9.2) to remove the multiplier from keys earned through Boss Rush missions.

This is a server-side update, you do not need to download anything (you’ll be momentarily disconnected).

Share your experiences with earning keys during Boss Rush missions here so we can calculate an appropriate multiplier.

Have the key rewards players got just got that broken? wOw

I got 100 keys in 15 minutes. That’s ok

But I really think those missions could be slightly longer?


Why is there so few boss rushes and they are so short? Make them way longer pls.

Fix that bug plz

Can the U.C.O. even go this low in RotY? Cause I’m not sure if it can (even during it’s initial descent).

Does it?
To me, it just eliminates most of the dodging factor (unless you count going in between very slow projectiles as “dodging”).
They’re too small and too slow. As it is, U.C.O. #2 (and #4 to some extent) is pretty much only dangerous if it rams into you.

Nope,it can’t go that low in ROTY.

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Why is UCO so small? Make it bigger please. Everything else is fine, “blast from the past” is pure nightmare.

The UCO is great i died many times on it. Also the slower eggs really make the boss battle harder. For me its perfect.

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I rarely get ci3 bosses, ci4/5 bosses started to annoy me because they are too family friendly.

@InterAction_studios I think “Mysterious ship” needs danger zone at the bottom of screen before first attack. Newcomers will cry if they will be killed with first beam without extra lives.

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Well it had one in CI3 so I’m not sure why it doesn’t here.

So, next plan is:

  1. Old bosses, waves.
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Squadrons, medals, equipment, stats, ranking, forum-guys stuff and more…
  4. Bug fixes
  5. Release
  6. Server fixes because of amount of people
  7. Mobile release/fixes
  8. Maybe co-op???(I know that it will be after release, but right now there are very few things in the game that can lure friends)
  9. Maybe at this point it will be ready game. Next points probably adding new stuff and fixing old stuff.

Am I right?

And what squadrons is? I think people in squads should see each other no metter how far they are and their nicknames should be colored. Is it just fight between group of people “Who gets more points” or this is something bigger? And will it be possible to give some amount of keys to friends?

@InterAction_studios will you tease us in this update a little like you did for the 9th one?

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NO! I dont want a spoilers. But they will do it anyway.

I’d like to see NPCs added, I feel so lonely in that huge galaxy, can’t interact with other players… so npcs would be neat. Or even quest system for them.