Most recent result bug

If you failed a mission (planet mission, not Daily and Weekly Challenges) on your first attempt and complete it later on, your most recent result will be DEFEAT (but your all-time best result is VICTORY). I’ve exited the game and opened the game again but it still shows DEFEAT.

Choose an unattempted mission, then intentionally fail on your first attempt and complete it on second attempt to help me check if this is correct.

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Thanks, fixed!

What about the difficulty bar? Will it get fixed? Right now,it can’t display higher than 100% difficulty

Hmm, I’m ambivalent about that. Difficulty is in fact capped at 100% (prior to skill boost), so the current way of showing it is more accurate (albeit not as impressive as >100% values).

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But if I wanted to compare two really hard missions,it would be harder to compare them when they have that 100% cap,since I likely wouldn’t be able to tell which one is actually harder. I feel like it was more accurate the way it used to be

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