Early Access version 08

I’m glad to see some of the bosses from CI3 being added onto the game, can’t wait to see the rest!

BTW, the first CI3 boss that I encountered in this game was the Sweater Chicken

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@InterAction_studios my ESC key is not working, I can’t pause the game, is it a bug?

Also, Waves like “Chicken Quadrants” or “Rolling Ball o’ Chicks” should spawn harder enemies “in the middle” (the innermost ring should spawn ufo chickens at least, the first four enemies in quadrants should be chickenauts or barriers at least)

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Also: The chickens(bosses) look so evil with this eyes, that they even scaring me LOL. The effects of planets and even stars are the best things to now. The best update for now.

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@InterAction_studios in ciu there will be more variety of planets? (as ice, crystal, etc)

so i found a bug on the boss from It gets cold in space
when the big chich explodes this happen

the eggs doesn’t disappear and if you doesn’t pay attention you will crush!

It is the hardest boss in this game for now! What do you expect?

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Hard or not, all boss projectiles dissapear when it dies. That’s because well, you defeated it, but mostly because the explosions cover the projectiles. This is the same situation, but when explosions cover the eggs, well, you’re screwed! It shouldn’t be like this.

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I think it would be better if after the bosses die, the eggs for example, to stand until they disappear or any projectiles.

so @InterAction_studios its a bug?? or its intentional???

Almost all bosses already have this already, so changing it now would take some time to adjust for devs and players. It’s a neat idea though, but I prefer the former.

First CI3 content has arrived :smiley:


@InterAction_studios I have some questions:

  1. the bosses of CI4 had a texture improvement?
  2. Will there be more effects with the planets? , that is to say more type than the ones that there are currently that are of rays and fire
  3. Are you planning to add a more ‘’ extreme ‘’ version for the bosses? I mean harder patterns
  4. Solar system will appear in the final game?

that is all

  1. I don’t think so. It’s probably just that you have an older version of ci4,since the textures were improved in the newer versions. Correct me if I’m wrong,IA. 4. Pretty sure all of the systems are just randomly generated,so…eh,I kinda doubt it.

I think 4 exists and an Asian guy will find it

Can you create the U.C.O,Yolk Star and all bosses from Chicken invaders 3 and chicken invaders 2 to CIU

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Eggs should be removed when you kill the boss. It will be fixed.


  1. CI4 content is taken directly from the latest version of CI4 for PC, it has not been remastered.
  2. Yes. Underwater certainly, possibly more.
  3. No, but the new bosses will have much more complex attack patterns that will depend on difficulty.
  4. Hmm… perhaps, when the galaxy is re-generated.

@InterAction_studios I think I found a bug, is that the sound effects are not heard correctly or are not fully heard. This happens especially with the sounds of chickens and bosses.

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I think you need to explain more, because it really doesn’t provide much info

Also, try to play with photon swarm during “Weakest link” wave, “uo-uo-uo” sound will disappear after some firing. The reason is same audio channels.

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