Early Access version 11.2

One thing I’ve noticed about difficulty is that the primary factor in a miſſion’s difficulty is the miſſion difficulty, not skill level. I think that skill level ſhould have a lot more ſway over the difficulty, and maybe miſſion difficulty ſhould become ſlightly leſs of a factor.


Regarding the wave Security Droid Patrol, I could still get a Pecking Order bonus even if I miss one or more of them. Similar waves like Technological Advances and Shoot and Scoot won’t let me have this.

Stop, Third rarity ? I thought Rare it’s last rarity


Uh,no,legendary is the best rarity.

@InterAction_studios I found a small bug

When I enter this travel menu with too less fuel and then, while stying in this menu, buy some, the display doesnt get updated. Therfore, it says that I don’t have enough fuel when I got plenty of it. Nothing big, but still something that could be fixed :wink:

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@InterAction_studios I’ve found a little text mistake in Squawk Block missions. You can only strafe left and right in this gamemode right? Well, tutorial says that use mouse and movement keys to fly around.
I suggest correct this mistake in a next update.


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I just noticed, why are the “Tribute” and “Lethal Connections” waves missing from this game?


Tribute was deemed unnecessary (especially considering Squawk Block missions). Lethal Connections was… uh… forgotten.

Not all 100% of old content will make it into CIU.

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Good job though. But there is a legendary rarity but it is extremely extremely rare.I managed to find one legendary equipement. I am currently hunting lengendary equipement.

Very minor thing, but “Rookie” skill is missing a full stop (.) on the end.


Why can’t I access the forum on computer? It works on phone, and the game also works.

Try to change “https:\” to “http:\”. Works for me.

It doesen’t work, how am I supposed to download new updates from now on?

Perhaps it’s a cookie issue. Try opening the forum from a “Private Browsing” window (Internet Explorer, Firefox) or “Incognito” window (Chrome).

Alternatively, clear all your browser’s cookies and try again.


I had two comments:

  1. I think that in the lights out miſſions the circle of view is too large when firing. I think that the things beïng hit ſhould get their own ſmall circle of light, and the hero’s ſhould ſtay the ſame ſize.
  2. If you die whilſt uſing a damage amplifiër, the amplification goes away immediätely.

Alſo, if you uſe multiple damage amplifiërs ſimultaneöuſly, what happens? Is the damage multiplied again? Or is the time extended? If the former, when equipping 2 at once, does the multipliër become 2m or m^2?

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Using multiple Damage Amplifiers only extends the time.

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Good to know. I hope the problem with the time vaniſhing when you die is fixed.

How about this mission? (Retro mission)

Are you going to do this? and which one is better?



Thanks to @Sammarald & me of course LOL :laughing:


The retro missions are already planed. Also the original background is better.

The second one.