Planetary egg-city bug?

Wasn’t sure if it actually was a bug,or if it was intended,but I figured that I should post it,anyways.
The planetary egg-city takes way longer to appear on the screen,compared to how it used to be. And it also seems to spawn chicks while it’s outside of the screen?
Idk if this happens with the regular version of the fight(where it appear on the left side of the screen),since I didn’t test that,yet.
Here’s a video that shows this. You can see that it takes around 7 seconds to appear,and you can hear the sound of it spawning chicks when it didn’t even appear on the screen:


Yeah, i notice this too.

Another thing noticed…idk if it’s a bug or not,but…
the egg cannon in this weekly appears both in wave 10 and wave 90. I noticed this with nasty surprise in one of the previous dailies(it was a long time ago),too. Is this a bug,or is it intended? And what about the planetary egg city bug I previously mentioned?

It’s rare but entirely possible for waves to appear multiple times in a mission (bosses included).

Slow right-side appearance fixed in v.16

:medal_military: Bug medal


About randomness, I got 3 asteroid waves in a heccin 6 wave mission. Somebody top that.

I don’t think that’s as rare as 2 of the same waves in the same mission(and I mean,2 that aren’t asteroids or bonus waves,because those are way more common than regular waves)

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