Early Access version 11.2

Make them much more chaotic and could corner and swoop you completely on one side…

The retro missions will be added in the next version! Wooho!

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I hope that they will not be boring as the droid raid misisons. Also i want lost in space and…time music :slight_smile: The problem here is the enemies, on droid raid mission there’s not randomization like the missions with the chickens.

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Actually, I think iA should add some new waves for Droid Raids and Retro missions some time in the future.

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Just found wormhole and retro missions going to be added in the next update. Luck 100%

found a minor bug in squawk block missions
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What’s the name?

What’s the bug?

Weapon doesn’t fire in the first seconds, although there’s already a recoil.

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It looks as if in the first few seconds,the bullets actually spawn far behind your ship. Look at the video

Fixed. This was caused by camera discrepancies (server’s camera was zooming in while client’s started fully zoomed-in).


i don’t want to make a topic about this small detail but could you make the crosshair cursor (the one that appears in-mission when we go to the corners) customizable in options so we can either turn it off or on?

Sure. The only problem is to find a good name this option… :thinking:

“Show real mouse position” under Options/Controls/Mouse ?

It’s not very intuitive :frowning:

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idk, probably, maybe just use a casual name saying ‘show cross-hair’ or just this ‘enable real mouse position’ and when we enable it, it turns into ‘disable real mouse position’

Show cross-hair when near edges?

Are you going to release CIU Early Access V12 right now or later?

Next week probably, its early for new update.

:clap: Infini :clap: Chick :clap: is :clap: getting :clap: nerfed

It should be the other way… buff the Super Chick instead. unnamed

I agree it should be buffed in difficulty, but I’m glad it’s gigantic multiplicty health boost is gone.

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