Early Access version 17

Can you add the Hen solo,supernova missions,all Chicken invaders 3 Revenge of the Yolk waves in the next version please

Don’t expect them to add THIS much this quick.

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they have a lot of work to do for hen solo, supernova and ROTY waves if they will add them, also @Sammarald can you connect on the server or i did something wrong because i cant

The server is down, but iA isn’t around to fix it.

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Sorry everyone, the server did indeed deadlock last night and couldn’t respond. I’ve rebooted it now, looking into why this happened.

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it’s working again but i’ve noticed this

no daily challenges, and their top-10 list? what happened? it only shows up the weekly challenge


Sadly the server wasn’t up at midnight (when the new missions are supposed to be generated), so no daily challenge was generated. I’ve done this manually now.

:medal_military: Bug medal

Also, the reason for the crash should be fixed now.


Little suggestion, if you are planning to lock the difficulty at Rookie, make it look like the first image instead of the second image (the second image is very ugly and it is hard to see that it is actually Rookie):

the moron railgun isn’t upgradable for some reason

Take a gueſs as to what that reaſon is.


Probably a coding problem? Or it’s intended? Err, i dunno.

Because it’s crap.

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WROOONG. Stop insulting the game and telling that your version is better!

How is saying that a weapon is crap insulting the game

Oh yes, we have long ago established that the Moron Railgun is the single bestest weapon in the game and tears through chickens like no other.


You joking, right? I think not.

Sorry, i meant ‘insult the weapon’.

But the weapon literally is crap. It’s meant to be that way.

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Because it is called Moron Railgun?

Lol,yeah? It’s the starter weapon weapon,and its description clearly states that you should get something else,and fast,so you’re clearly not meant to stick to it and upgrade it.