New details and some remarks

hey @InterAction_studios what’s up
1.could you add this detali on the planets

2.then after some week of shopping with the keys :slight_smile: finally i try the shockwave capacitor

let’s see it’s nice but but…where is that massive damage that you talk about! …in superstar hero doesn’t terminate any of those chicken :japanese_goblin:

3.why the egg canon does’t give you any powerups when he cange the tactic attack

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  1. Nice :+1:
  2. In the next update chicken’s health will be same at Rookie and Superstar Hero
  3. Because it will be unfair

But the Henterprise and the Apple Core already spam a ton of powerups, so why shouldn’t the Egg Cannon be able to drop some too?


I think they should fix massive powerups spam from big bosses. Anyway, there is the Yolk Star™ who didn’t exist now but will spam powerups too. Or make bosses harder then regular waves(sometimes) to optimise powerups use.

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and the original one from ci4 also spam:) so for me should be normal that de egg canon drops powerups

Yeah, exactly the same thing I’ve mentioned in a post from yesterday. Henterprise and Apple Core should reward you less powerups and the Egg Cannon should reward you a few.

Yeah, but in CIU you can encounter all of the bosses more often and they aren’t anymore as special, especially because they are easier to beat.

Uhm… just discovered a bug that prevents the Egg Cannon from spawning any powerups. This is not intentional.

The bug goes back to CI4 (has anyone ever seen CI4’s Egg Cannon spawn any powerups)?

Does it spawn the powerups outside of the screen? Since the powerups it spawns in CI4 fall from the top.

Yes. Powerups always fall vertically in CI4, so they can be seen. But in CI5+ the fall against “gravity” (which means horizontally when fighting the Egg Cannon). So they can’t ever be seen if they start at the top.

So it’s a CIU-only bug. Will be fixed.

Most unusual bug detection yet