Early Access version 15

I also noticed that the Space Race top 10 from three days ago is still in my messages, even when I reopen the game.

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That’s because messages (incorrectly) expire after 7 days. Will be fixed as well.

I just received three daily top 10 messages. One of them was for hard while the others were empty.

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Me too. But, did I really place first on the challenge or the leaderboard is bugged, so everyone got the first place reward?

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Bug introduced while optimizing breaking code for top 10 messages. Fixed server side in v15.4

@BoggY: You were indeed first in Easy & Medium daily, and 5th in Hard.

Another thing: “Explored” is selected in Galaxy Information, yet the display still shows star names. This happens when I log out while “Explored” is selected.

(this is how Explored should actually look like)

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Press something other, then again explored and everything will be ok.

Fixed in v.16

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What’s even better, while that bug is present, any new stars explored will actually use the correct information overlay setting. Both “Names” and “Explored” at once!

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My weekly challenge playthrough did not count for some reason. I finished it an hour before the top 10 mail was sent and got over 90 million points, yet I didn’t appear anywhere on the list.

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Very often, while exploring the galaxy I hide player locations (the green asterisks), but this also means the locations of NPCs like Droids are also hidden, which results in me missing them. How about “Show NPC locations” option on Information Overlay?
Also, while exploring the galaxy I usually have a very high amount of messages, and challenge messages are always on the bottom. How about a message filter? ex. challenges, top lists, new contacts, exploration rewards etc.

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Maybe add not having to pay for aleardy used colors for your spaceship, some kind of slot to save your spaceship look and able to share it (i think this was aleardy suggested)

Also what is the use of droids

A “mark all as read” button would also be a nice feature


If you mean

you can play Droid Raid missions by clicking on them (while being in the same star system as them). You can find them on star systems with Space Burgers.


Droid raid?

I know that kind of mission is from Chicken Invaders 4 it must be similar to it

Caused by an incorrect database query. Fixed in v.16.

:medal_military: Bug medal

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Pic pls

I think that’s should be nice and useful some details details details

something like missions progress

i don’t know how meny are they…it’s an example

and then something like that


the x whould means thar are still missions to do on that planet!

by the way on the retro mission i made a mistake :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::grinning::grinning::grinning:
at the end of the day the concept and the idea it’s important!


Btw I think you put smaller amount first, then the bigger one. As in x divided by y, x out of y. x/y