Early Access version 11.2

:warning: “Droid Raid” missions are inaccessible (listed as “coming soon”) in v11.1. To fix this, download the v11.2 update: ⬇ Download CIU.


A content-oriented update. NPCs (Supply Droids) are now roaming the galaxy, and three new mission types are now available: Droid Raid, Darkness, and Squawk Block. These are all experimental and their design is not finalized. We won’t spoil the fun by describing them here – find out how they work and post your impressions and suggestions.

“Darkness” missions are considered to be the first community-inspired content! Elements from both @anon27929001 and @cook1ee 's suggestions were used. Congratulations, recruits! There are :medal_military: medals and :key: key rewards on the way (“when they’re done”).


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured


  • Much faster login times.
  • Fixed bilinear bleed-through on partially-unexplored intergalactic highways.
  • “Overheat” and “Coolant applied” messages now appear directly on top of your spaceship.
  • Reduced price of Coolant Canister to 4 keys / unit.
  • H&C spacecraft no longer receives scoring boost.
  • Fixed typos in Coolant Canister and Corn Shotgun descriptions.
  • Added “Darkness” missions (inspired by New mode: Lights out!).
  • Added Droid NPCs.
  • Added “Droid Raid” missions.
  • Added danger zones to “Terminator Chickens” wave.
  • Added “Squawk Block” missions.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).



This is going to be epic!

Great! I’m in!

wait…i raided this one droid and the missions were…unaccesable? thought you did say that they are gonna be accesable in this update

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Droid missions seems to be unaccesable for me. Idk if droid missions works for you guys, but they also dosent work for me

Good update so far! Here’s my review of the update so far:


  • Challenging, interesting concept too
  • Sorry, I have yet to play more of these


Feels like Chicken Invaders 1, but I have a few nitpicks on this one:

  • There’s only one type of wave, in my opinion, there should be more waves
  • No bossfights, I was expecting a Big Chicken at the end or something
  • Going back to the waves, are the waves from CI1 a possibility? I feel like they would be a decent addition to Squawk Block
  • Unless, of course, it’s intended to be a remake of Space Invaders


  • Exactly as I remembered them, even the starfield turns blue!

Also, I was wondering whenever this could be possible, but do you think there could exist some form of “hybrid” missions? I picture something like a combination between two or more types of mission (anything but Chicken Invasion, that is), like a Squawk Block/Darkness mission (example of impossible combinations would be Boss Rush/Squawk Block, or Droid Raid/Boss Rush). It would make for some rather bizarre (and probably enjoyable) challenges (and yeah, excuse if it’s unoriginal, I just came up with that idea)

If the concept hybrid missions does end up being used, I would save them until more mission types become available (just as a side note)

Working on a fix. Removing download link for a few minutes.

Im so sad that i cant test it right know :frowning: My laptop is on reinstalling and i write from the mobile. But i am very proud of IA progress.

Ok, update 11.2 is now available (fixes “coming soon” on Droid Raids).


Hmm, does someone have a location of a Droid?

I find it weird that the Droids just warp around everywhere in their star systems.


Huh? I haven’t seen a single one so far…

Search for star systems with a Space Burger. I think they can only appear there (and it’s not guaranteed that they will spawn)


Hmph… Well, I’ll try my luck.

Great. So excited to test it :smile:

Also, regarding Droid Raids, is there any reason as to why the Droid Highway wave is missing? I played through seven missions and I did not find it anywhere.

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Didn’t see it either, yet the Security Droid wave is in the game and, just like Droid Highway, doesn’t reward any food

Hmm… a small jump is expected (server doesn’t simulate droids perfectly), but this warping is inexplicably large… will investigate.

Also, “Droid Highway” was forgotten :roll_eyes: . Will be added to next update.

Hey @InterAction_studios,

What if you darken the player and enemies slightly and make the background completely black in darkness missions?