About skills in Galactic Store

Short question: Should the skills in the Galactic Store (Tourist, Rookie, Seasoned, Veteran, Virtuoso, Superstar Hero) only allow to buy once?

For example having a checkmark next to it to indicate that you have already bought it, and have a message like the always-on items: “You already own this, you don’t need to own more than one.” This applies for Rookie from the beginning as well, as that is your starting skill.

Additionally, sorting difficulties in increasing difficulty order (instead of alphabetical order) would be more ideal.


Thanks! There’s already a mechanism of “buy once only”, but it (stupidly) didn’t apply to skills. Fixed in the upcoming update.

Sorting also fixed.


Now we just need something harder than Superstar Hero…


I actuälly think we need to harden everything above Rookie. How many people regularly play on a difficulty between Rookie and SSH?


Hmm… Nobody!

I prefer veteran or virtuoso. SSH is too hard sometimes.

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I’m not very good at Chicken Invaders (I’ve never won the “Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time” in the past episodes), so SSH is too hard.

But the queſtion is: Do you play at a level between rookie and SSH, or do you play rookie?

The thing is that I think that the gap between skill levels is too ſmall, ſo if ſomeone normally plays veteran, for example, they won’t find virtüoſo noticeäbly harder, eſpecially conſidering the difference between miſſion difficulties.


For the sake of Early Access, I do play Tourist difficulty.

If no one play so, then 90% of the future bugs might be located there :eyes:.


I got greedy and immediately buy SSH first, but if given a choice I would reduce to Veterean. Although on today’s Daily Challenge, I played the hard challenge, on Rookie and still lost to Planetary Egg City.

Try the difficulties one by another. First Tourist then Rookie and Seasoned. If you feel that they become easy start Veteran, Virtuoso and SSH. I play only on SSH on boss rushes, small tier missions, daily’s and weekly’s. On Virtuoso i play all kind of missions, its my favorite difficulty.

Hey @InterAction_studios, sorry for bumping this, but should Off-Road License and Squadron License be also bought only once (they currently aren’t)?


Squadron License should be upgradeable but they shouldn’t be bought more than 1 time. So, yes, you’re right.

You should open a new topic for it.

Not really?

I mean, it’s on topic and it’s not even a 1 month bump.
Sometimes it’s just not worth making a new topic.


I didnt see its 'bout that topic tbh.

Off-road fixed for v.14

But you’re allowed to create more than one squadron.