[Bug]Pressing mouse when keyboard is using

During the game I wanted to play on keyboard, then I pressed my mouse button and the ship teleported to mouse pointer(where it was when I started to play on keyboard). Basicly, mouse pointer still detecting but it is invisible so you can teleport with this bug. To try just hold down “→” and fire with a mouse. You will teleport to start point during clicks.


By design. During the mission you can dynamically switch control between mouse/keyboard/gamepad. Clicking the mouse signifies to the game that you want to use the mouse to control the spaceship. Using the cursor keys (by default) signifies that you want to use the keyboard.

Due to popular demand, pressing the fire key (spacebar) on your keyboard will NOT switch to keyboard control (so you can move using the mouse but still fire using the keyboard). But the opposite is not possible.


Yes, but in CI4 if you start to play with mouse after playing keyboard, the mouse pointer is always at the ship which means you will start moving from your current position. Why this feature changed since CI5?

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Actually, in the latest version of CI4 (and I assume CI3 and CI2 as well) it works just like it does in CI5. I assume this was changed when touchscreen support was added, though I could be wrong.

But yeah, it used to work just fine before that so I’m not sure why this can’t be changed.

That bug is in other games also. I’ve noticed it when I was playing with a wingman in Ultimate Omelette.

Yeah, it’s a weird one.


Fixed – test it out in the next update. It was indeed an (unnecessary?) touchscreen restriction.

To everyone: Is switching from keyboard to mouse control mid-mission something that you normally do?


Nope, I always play with mouse.

Usually playing with mouse and this thing doesn’t really bother me. But it was an ability to teleport through the chickens(or I’m wrong :sweat_smile:) and it is unfair, something like cheating.

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I don’t actually think you get teleported. I believe your ship just gets moved extremely quickly,and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t let you go through enemies.

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I will try it later, it’s 3:28 for me) I think even small things are important, there will be a lot of newcomers because the game is free, their first impression is the future of the game and next episodes.
P.S. Yes, it is not possible to go through enemies, but it was possible to go away from danger fastly.

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