Weapon Fury #7 (Corn Shotgun)

Greetings fellow recruits! Welcome to the 7th entry to the Weapon Fury Program. Today we have Corn Shotgun after it being the winning weapon in Utensil Poker’s topic.


This one took some thinking to do mostly because of what it is: Corn.
But in the end I managed to come up with something related to it so I hope you like what I came up with.
Let’s get into it since I know you’re impatient.

                             ****THE FURY**** 

Once the Meter is activated, the Hero will shoot out 3 small corncobs that have little spread.
A yellow flash will come across the screen and the Hero will receive recoil.

After the Corncobs hit a chicken, the chickens which are grouped together will receive AoE damage (Area of Effect) And the other chickens that weren’t hit by the cobs’ AoE damage, will receive smaller damage from the popcorn caused by the destruction of the Corncobs. The direction of the popcorn and what chickens it will hit is completely randomized.


                            ****METER AMOUNTS****

Other weapons that have been done already:

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Weapon Fury #2 (Neutron Gun)
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Weapon Fury #8 (HyperGun)

  • Photon Swarm
  • Plasma Rifle
  • HyperGun
  • Moron RailGun
  • Boron RailGun
  • Vulcan ChainGun
  • Riddler
  • Positron Stream

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Something something pvz

Yeee! CI5 popcorn returns!

Also I think you should link all of your furies at all of them. Like Utensil Poker will not have link to Corn Shotgun or the other new furies. So I suggest to link your new fury at all the other old furies topic. So new people know you have more. Like Galbatorix did.


sure, I’ll edit them real quick. Done


Thanks. I know it’ll take sometime but it’s better :wink:




nice mod, i’m sure he’s gonna like that


So how is it going with Hyper Gun fury? (sorry for bumping this topic but I want to make sure the weapon furies will continue.)

I also have not forgotten, I am waiting impatiently.

Been stressed out with studies and all. Tomorrow or Sunday surely.

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Today I’m going to start on the HyperGun Fury, I know plenty have been impatient but I have a life to live too. The furies will continue till the last weapon that is left. after HyperGun there will be 7 left. See you soon.


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