Weapon Fury #10 (Photon Swarm)

Greetings fellow recruits! Welcome to the 10th part of the Weapon fury program.
Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for being with me through these past furies. Your support has been amazing and it motivates me to keep making these. Today we have Photon Swarm. Let’s get into it.


The way I thought this whole fury out is kind of simple. Although I decided to ramp up the weapon a bit and change the way it fires. The fury is good for anything that’s above and not under you basically.

                               ****THE FURY****

Once the fury is activated, the Hero will launch a barrage of Photons. On the sides of the spacecraft you can see 4 flares. Orange and Blue. The blue Photons will emerge from the left side. And the orange Photons will emerge from the right. The other 2 flares on the tip of the spacecraft will shoot out blue and orange Photons from their respective flare color. The Photons in the middle will be much brighter because they can pierce through enemies. These ones only go in a straight line unlike the other Photons. A gradient of Blue and Orange will flash across the screen when the fury is activated.


                           ****METER AMOUNTS****

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  • Moron RailGun
  • Boron RailGun
  • Vulcan ChainGun
  • Riddler
  • Positron Stream

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You’re welcome and the fury looks cool!


Just seems like a version of swarm where it did not home, and instead pierces.

I think it would be better if it just created a photon barrier around the player instead.

Make it more powerful.

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He’s knida right. It’s not powerful for Photon. It should at least destroy all of the chicks.

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It is only the middle Photons that pierce. That’s why they are brighter. Please read carefully.

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It’s still not very interesting for a weapon fury though. It just seems like an overdrived photon swarm with a couple straight ones that pierce.

Feels like a hybrid of Hypergun fury and Photon Swarm, which is not very clever like that.
Maybe make a barrier of Photons that blocks enemy attacks/Damage enemies on contact instead? Something more on Defense rather than Offense.

One side being inherently more powerful than the other is certainly an interesting concept…


Is that sarcasm or being for real :thinking:

I said interesting. It is genuinely interesting.

I’m still undecided on whether it is good or not.


Eh, I think these furies focus too much on offense rather than defense. A shield type of fury wouldn’t hurt.

I’m not saying they’re bad… I’m just saying “try to have some creativity”.

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True. “Weapon Fury” doesn’t exactly sound like a defensive maneuver to me, though. :joy:


Eh, it still works offensively though.

Funny thing is: I was thinking of Chaos Orbit in Cuphead. Chaser’s Special Attack.

But if you activate the special attack again while the stars are still orbiting, the stars leave the player, and track enemies instead.

Figured I’d try to give a concept like that for Photon Fury.

The fury itself doesn’t need a change. You have bullets that home on the sides, and in the middle you have bullets that pierce through multiple enemies. But it certainly needs a damage buff.

  • Weak: 400 dmg
  • Strong: 600 dmg
    Firerate: 0.25 sec.

Anyway.That’s Awesome.Weak or strong.We like it.

Should the fury mechanic be purchasable?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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Image is just an illustration.

Feels too big of a feature to restrict to a purchasable.

The actual fury is available for each weapon, after its upgraded to power 8, you will unlock the meter for that individual weapon. So I think the grind to upgrade each weapon is already enough.

Mountable, 3.0k keys (in intergalactic shop), furies can only access if you’re 8fp or above

Note: I didn’t read the tooltip