Weapon Fury #11 (Moron Railgun) ****Joke Topic****


Greetings fellow recruits! Welcome to the 11th entry to the Weapon fury program. Today we have the Moron Railgun. (Uh, do we really need this?.. Yes?.. okay.) so yeah, Moron Railgun.


This weapon’s fury is designed to help starters that are just getting started with the game. It protects you from any damage to your spacecraft and boosts your internal damage, while having more “supercharged” bullets.

                             ****THE FURY****

Once you activate the meter, a spiky bubble will orbit around your spacecraft. It does not do damage to enemies, but it does protect you from any type of damage to the ship. The fury also makes you shoot supercharged bullets at a faster rate, and heavily increasing the damage output. The total effect lasts a total of 10 seconds. The damage caused with the boost will be around as much as an Overdrived boron that’s almost overheated. Red flash across the screen for eye satisfaction.

If an enemy bumps into you (or you into them), the shield will glow brightly, preventing your spacecraft to be destroyed. The same goes for any kind of projectiles. The shield can take unlimited hits, and with the damage boost, you can make way for yourself. This fury is best activated if cornered.


                          ****METER AMOUNTS****       

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  • Boron RailGun
  • Vulcan ChainGun
  • Riddler
  • Positron Stream

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oh good another idea

Beautiful, this bullets’ style is reminding me of the red lightsabers of Star Wars.

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Now I want Moron gift to be back in game.


Me too

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It never was

The Weapon Fury system resembles me to the Dose charge system of R-Type but instead of loading based on shots being absorbed by the Force it is increased via food picks.Not saying it in a wrong way, I’m impressed to see something similar. I guess it will have a minimum before trigger or it is usable at user’s desire? :upside_down_face:

That’s it’s minimum:

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So minimum of 100 units? Interesting :+1:

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Yes, only 100 food units.

Yeah, seems enough and interesting to me too.

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That makes Iron Chef a jackpot.

Will you if weapon furies get added? I think you’ll still say no.

I meant the gift box.

too op for starter weapon, pls nerf

what about the boron tho? :joy:

I know, will you want the gift to be added if weapons furies gets accepted?

I don’t really think a fury is enough for this weapon to get a gift. Plus it’s just a starter one.


Honestly, no. This can make the virtuosity become abusable.


This fury kinda beats the purpose of “go buy a better weapon” in the weapon description, imo.

Maybe the boosted bullets and damage could be removed and instead keep the shield? I’m not the developer so it’s up to IA what gets added.