Weapon Fury #2 (Neutron Gun)

Greetings fellow recruits! I’m back with the Second part of my new Mechanic idea in Chicken Invaders Universe. Today we have the Neutron Gun.


This one took a bit more thinking than Ion Blaster, I had many ideas so i decided to add both in here.
The Meter is the same for ALL weapons, so pressing X on the keyboard will activate it still.

Here is how much the Meter will be filled by collecting food items (This will be in every post.)

                       ****THE ATTACK****

A toxic medium sized gas cloud will be released from the spaceship, There are two variants I made for this Power.

                  ****VARIANT 1****

Turns chickens touched by the cloud into Toxic chickens.

                  ****VARIANT 2****

Damages chickens within the zone of the cloud.


Weapons that have been done already:

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This looks nice!

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@Pidgey you can also add the “also check my Ion Blaster Weapon Fury part”
Just a Suggestion
and yeah all of ur Ideas are great so…




Nice! Will it count for Multikill or not?

Yea it will, since the enemies inside the cloud will die simultaneously.


Although it depends on which variant gets added, if at all.


What next fury?

Laser cannon.


Nice idea, but what if u used this on chickens that is near us and we don’t have no choice?

Well don’t rely on the Fury Power to save you all the time.

Is the cloud from the meter deadly?

Deadly to the player? no, deadly to the chickens? of course.


soo if i understand weapon fury works like a special attack like in touhou when you use spell?

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So if I didn’t press X and waited, the food I collected while not using the Meter will count for a 2nd one or not?

The Meter will go empty at the end of the mission if left full. Food collecting will be just like it used to be, They just have another purpose to them. (This)


Another thing, when collect 100 food and the Meter gets full will the food count at the bottom left reset?

So basically if it’s full the food won’t fill up another one.

Hsifs release mechanic

You can use it as many times as you want, but each Meter requires 100 units. (it doesn’t take away from your food amount, it just adds it to the Meter, so its best if you can use the Fury attack as soon as you can to profit off of the mechanic.)


Laser Cannon will come either tomorrow or the day after.