Weapon Fury #2 (Neutron Gun)

Lightning Fryer summons a storm and lightning flies through the screen, killing chickens.

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Suggestion will be taken into consideration.


Plasma Rifle will generate a heat zone where chickens can take damage, the closer the chicken is to your ship, the higher the damage it receives

Around the spacecraft? in that case it should be a bit bigger.

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So the hero/player/recruit will get cooked by his own radiation unless he has some powerful heat shield and strong radiation resistance which does not exist.

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people that play without a keyboard: pain

Laser Cannon will come in a few hours most likely.


What comes after the Laser Cannon? Vulcan Chaingun shoots all sides at the same time for a period of time.

After Laser Cannon, (coming in a few minutes) I’ll make a poll so people can choose the next weapon.


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