Mod installer and public mods

This took WAY longer than I expected, but here it is.
Mod Tool (aka IAMI) can install mod files done by our Discord modding team for any Chicken Invaders game known at the moment. It was tested with most game versions and is pretty stable but installation process is slow so I’ll be re-writing it from scratch later to imporve perfomance. For now just keep in mind you can start installation and go drink some tea :tea: (average speed: 10 files per minute).

So, how can you use it?

  1. Download IAMI and extract it anywhere you want to (it’s better not to use system folders like Program Files as they require Administrator permissions).
  2. Download mods you want. You can install several mods one above another, the last mod installed will only change files it needs to.
  3. Open IAMI and follow instructions (select a mod file, select a file in the game folder, confirm installation).
  4. Wait till the worst algorhythm in universe finishes it’s non-optimised job. DON’T open the game while installing mods. Both game and IAMI won’t like it. You can do whatever you want during installation.
  5. When installation is finished, you’ll hear a signal so you won’t miss it. Just close IAMI after it.

There is a problem when Windows Defender recognizes my stuff as a virus. I can assure you it’s not as it’s my 2nd C++ project and I have no idea how to write viruses мояй_discord_emoji .

Please note that CIU only accepts CIU mods files for several reasons I can’t avoid. Also, CIU.iami file must be in IAMI folder in order to be found and work properly.

If you encountered a bug or have mod suggestion, write it in this topic so people responsible for mods can see it. If suggestion worths it, someone will make a mod file for you.

UPD: Too many updates here so put all in spoiler (last update: 16th of January, 2021)

UPD: @RamonTokus Made an IAMI Discord server where you can also discuss, get or request some mods. They often appear there faster than here so join if you’re interested.
UPD in UPD: Ramon left his server but it’s still working.

UPD2: As this topic got closed and I don’t see any serious reason to unlock it, use the Discord server from above to request mods.

UPD3: My school project is near to completion and now I’ve started working on complete rewriting of IAMT and IAMI from scratch to make them faster and maybe more cool-looking (no GUI tho, still learning this part). Also I’ll make an attempt on replacing functions which trigger false antivirus warnings (yes, I’m fighting with antivirus too). The only thing I can recommend for now is to make manual scan of .exe and with high possibility antivirus will say it’s safe. This update will be useful not only for those who use mods but for those who create them too: rewritten tool will allow to put some functionality I couldn’t add before for code crowdness reasons and speed of repacking files in IAMT will be even higher than IAMI (currently IAMI is twice as fast as IAMT, so now you know why we don’t share it to public: it’s annoying and not clear to use. People who ask for it just won’t be able to do anything with it).


Franci's mods

By @Francis

UCO from Emerald's Chicken Invaders 72

By @VerMishelb

Touhou-rized CIU

By @OneWingLunarian

Undertale mod

By @HaiAn2007


By @VerMishelb
Replaces Henterprise charge and beam with sr. Pelo scream (can be known thanks to HenterprAAAAAise video)
Does NOT include “no.ogg” because no.

Peterexited's mod

By @peterexited
Warning: Contains cursed elements.

Lobotomy Corp Universe

By @SpryterTerraxian

Updated version of my original mod, now with every music track replaced with Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina soundtrack except for the CI1 theme because no song in the world is worthy of replacing it. (and darkness theme is now more spoopy :] )

Ramon’s Terraria Universe Mod

By @RamonTokus
This mod will replace some of the sounds/soundtracks with Terraria/Terraria Overhaul SFX/soundtrack.

Tip: Turn down your music if you couldn’t hear the sound.

Credits: Relogic, kirbyrocket, ZUN (there’s a reason)

Weapon Reskin Library (link taken down by author)

By @Kylo-Hen
Announcement Post
Topic and Dowload Link (Download link is removed for some time)

KaizoKaidokou Mod

By @KaizoKaioticVN
Mod of BGM and some interesting music

Sakuya Gruntzayoi

By @RamonTokus

This mod gives our military chicken man a silver pocket watch and that’s it.

Mod Download: [SakuyaGruntzayoi.CIUmod]

:warning: WARNING: This mod may contain JoJo reference so if you’re uncomfortable about it, flag my post below ignore it and go away.


Here’s my Chicken Invaders Universe mod:
The “Other Mods” folder will have some minor mods inside it, made by me.


can i use audio in my mod? (like changing music in ciu)

Yes. You can ask for a mod which replaces any sound with anything, even music.

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ok, i want the mod

How to open .dat file?

With the installer

Invite me and Mishelb to a PM and send us the new sounds/music

The Touhou-rized CIU mod is done. Does not include weapon skins (blame Recruit #75)
Download it here:

please read the readme

the readme is supposed to be read so k

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This works with the older games too, right?

Very simple mod idea - a port for the low-alpha version of Positron from CIU into CI4/5. Simple enough to do where this tool isn’t really necessary, but it’s a small QoL thing that I’m sure non-modders would appreciate.

It even works for piggly and CI1 which was not intended.


A Utensil Sprite Swap for the Ion Blaster in CI1 could be fun, lol

(To be super clear, these are all just idle suggestions tho - I’m not “requesting” mods like I’m sure people will start doing soon, aha)

A question, Is there any risk when using this mod?

Well, mod file can be corrupted sometimes if we put wrong files in mod and this can break the game, but you can always restore backup of your hq2x as IAMI saves it near original by default. You can turn backups off in config.


Question - If I have a manually modded version of a CI game, should I revert it to vanilla before booting IAMI the first time?


how to use multiple mods? why i cant select like 3 mods at the same time

It’s better to do so if you used QuickBMS with files HIGHER than original ones, but if you didn’t, it should work just fine.

@peterexited You can. Just install one above another.

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If you don’t like frankensteining multiple mods, yeah

My “Francis x One-Winged” mod :v

is frankensteining mods really a good idea? lmao